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Warrior Mentality. How to overcome urges?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Kratos_GOW, May 19, 2019.

Having a hard time overcoming urges?

  1. Yeah, i want that to change

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  2. No, i am a warrior

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  1. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Tell you guys what, i was surfing youtube and reading action mangas and that led to adult, i was like okay one look would not hurt ( bad choice here). As it was going on in the middle it started to turn me on a bit. Yeah not gonna lie, usually if it was happening in april i sure was to relapse but this time it was different.
    I looked at it and i was like how fucking unrealistic this thing is. That will never actually gonna happen. Its just lust all over the place.
    I was turned on, and then in the back of my mind, something said no, stop it, we have bigger things to achieve. This is not how this will go down. This is not how our streak will end. It was my warrior mindset talking to me ATM. I turned it off amd went to bed.
    And again my mind was like hey, you saw that alright why not just finish this and that wont hurt. And yeah i did opened it again, completed 1 chapter then another but again the same thing happend and i remembered the quote
    and that right there was enough i was like fuck you i am not gonna see this.

    1. The though of I have to get better and you (urge/ PMO) are in the way. The mindset which is hellbend on making yourself the best version possible.
    A warrior is someone who conquers himself before an enemy.

    2. Fighting urges with positive self talk.
    Some of us dont have a long term approach to solution. We dont think about it. That is what we lack. Instead of focusing on a feeling of high 9 seconds we need to learn more about what we will be if you a certain action and its impact on future. " A warrior focuses on long term goals.

    3. This did not came just overnight. I had to build it by reading rebbot materials and success stories every night. I did it the last time too. Thats how i was able to calm myself.
    A warrior always keeps his skill sharp and trains his mind everyday.

    4. I understood what made me fap in the first place, triggers as you know. I thought and make plans to overcame it.
    A warrior always knows his weakness and turns them into his strengths.

    5.Even if you do relapse if alright.
    But remember this -
    A warrior always learn from his/her mistakes and dont let them happen twice.

    A calm, logical approach and positive self talk is the best way to start your journey.
    Good luck boy, the road ahead is long but with consistency, the self discipline, the determination, one can do anything.
  2. Oh Thank you so much @Kartaos_GOW For sharing your Knowledge with us ...Yes ... I can understand everysingle Words you said about "We need Warriors Mindset"..We all to make our mind strong and stau sharp....As you said " You Faced Some terrible ureges and Get control on yourself"..Its all because you have discipline,Stronger mindset,Consistency....Yes!!!Those are the traits of "A Warrior". Same thing happend with , I dont know how ,but Through a link(On telegram) I got to porn related channel on telegram...Their a saw lots of (You know) erotic pic...My mind was saying me to do it ...Watch more of them....But Dont know a voice came in my head and told me this is wrong , this is not worth doing....And somehow i got control on myself and get out that group (Channel) .So i can relate Your incident with mines...Today i m on my day 8 feeling great then ever ...And i m going to turn this " 8 " into Infinte....Thank you so much man ...for giving us this important knowlege ,which we all needed to become successful in life...#Peace..
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  3. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    Wait for 15 days and you will se better changes. #BEAWARRIOR
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  4. Yes..Yes I will never ever fap untill the day i die [email protected]_GOW.#BEWARRIOR
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