Was he trying to date me? Opinions by guys

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  1. I am girl. we mostly had s., we used to be coworkers then started having s. after we bumped into each other randomly

    so btw once after s. in his room from the previous night, it was already around 3pm and he said he wanted to watch a football match. i said i would have waited for him in his room. he didn't want me to wait there alone for him. then he asked if i wanted to join him and his family to watch the football game. but i always avoided and barely said hello to his family just coz he asked me to

    why he did not want me to wait for him in his room alone?
    and why did he ask me if i wanted to watch the football game with his family? he also added that wasn't going to introduce me to them i guess formally. he lived with his family

    sometimes him and his family talking in front of me i had a feeling there were making fun of me somehow. not sure if that was just a fear. they heard me and him having s. sometimes

    Also at the beginning and when we started already having s., he asked if i wanted to watch Joker at the cinema. was he trying to date me? was he pretending to like me?
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    Sounds complicated. You know what? If you want to date him instead of just having sex, ask him directly if he'd be interested. If you aren't or he answers no, figure out wether you want to keep having sex with him regardless or if you's be better of without it. I know you'd propably prefer to be able to just know all the answers without having to communicate or do other awkward shit like that, but unfortunately that's unlikely to work. Hope you get what you want.
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    You are only having sex with him, you are not his girlfriend yet, so is not normal that you stay in the bedroom alone while he is with his family in the living room.

    You can join them or go home, maybe is the way he have to get ride of you after having sex because he knows you don't like to be with them or he is trying to make you meet her family and spend time with them because he likes you.
    maybe they are, maybe they don't. If you feel unconfortable about it it's going to be easier for them to tease you about it. Just have fun with it and hit them back teasing them over with something else. be confident in who you are, and don't let them diminish you.
    Always look for what people do, and not what they say. Did you went to see the movie? did he ever ask you out or are you just having sex?

    At the end of the day what do you want? if you are ok just having sex with him, just keep doing it. if you want something more tell him that. If he is not willing to start dating you, then you should better stop talking to each other and only contact you if he wants to start dating and see where it goes.

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