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  1. Soo I'm a couple weeks without O. Feeling veryyyy sensitive. When I wash myself down below, I'm instantly having some mild orgasmic contractions. Not a full orgasm by any means but more like an imminent threat of one that's about to happen very quickly. I'm being very careful and trying to be very quick but even so it's making it a bit tricky to wash as I'm very worried I'm gonna accidently go off and won't be able to stop it. After all this hard work I'd be gutted haha

    How do you go about putting your hands on yourself to wash when you're apparently ready to blow at any given second?
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    I'm a guy, clearly by nickname, but this happened to me today and it was awful... lately i'm feeling very sensitive and just a light touch arouses me but what I do is to wash myself with cold water until I calm myself and feel less sensitive or wash myself slowly...

    I guess your situation is way worse but maybe you can try that to see if it helps? Anyway, good luck!
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  3. Thanks! I'm not even sexually excited, and it's literally as soon as I touch myself, very odd. I have to cover my clit with a finger before using any running water on myself (as running water on my clit will make me O for sure). But every touch feels dangerous at the mo!
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    Jesus, it must be a nightmare but if running water is the problem maybe using someting else to wash yourself could help? And well abstaining from any sexual behaviour can make us really sensitive now because we used to release any sexual energy whenever we wanted to.
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  5. My hand.. running water.. a wash cloth.. all has the same result of immediate fluttering contractions and an unnerving surging about-to-go-over-the-edge feeling. Not sure how to avoid haha. Bit annoying because I've been really really good and I don't want to be having those sensations from anything other than my partner :/
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    Honestly, I don't now either but as long as you keep your guard up you'll be fine sorry I couldn't be of much help.

    But anyway maybe with time it will improve, good luck!
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    Post it in women section they probably have more correct answer
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    I'm a couple of weeks into having cold showers. It becomes oddly enjoyable after a while. Also, it isn't arousing...
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  9. Yes, the cold showers will work!
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    Some times I’m very sensitive, and I just do my best :) like you I’m as quick as possible, and I also try to distract my thoughts.

    Of course girls and guys are different. Girls seem to have much different types of sensitivity. So hard to say what a good method is. You might consider seeing what your obgyn says if you’re comfortable.

    I’m a bit interested in what constitutes as a relapse. I’m aware that there’s a chemical release that happens when orgasm, but we’re also sexual beings. I personally think that after we received from the PMO addiction, having a sexualality isn’t a bad thing. I’m also not sure if I would constitute an accidental orgasm from showering a relapse. As long as you’re honest about it and didn’t rub too long or on purpose.

    Such and interesting addiction since we live with the “drug” within us and also cuz we’re sexual beings. For myself I’m learning how to have a healthy sex life versus being an abstinent monk.

    I know for guys, if we fantasize, do any touching throughout the day (including rubbing against our pants while walking etc...), or look at pictures or real people in a selfishly sexual way, it counts as edging and it makes our recovery harder. Not sure if this happens with women, but this might be contributing to your increased arousal??

    You might want to do some journaling about your sexual ideal and start to slowly figure out what healthy sex looks like to you.
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    Hi! So I know this might sound like a mild overkill but if you really want to avoid O at all cost, you might be alright by applying a numbing spray on the region. They make them for guys that suffer from premature ejaculation but it might be interesting for you to put your sensitivity down a notch while washing. I hope it will get better with time too. So numbing stuff and a cold shower should help to keep you from O.
  12. Thanks but I cant do cold showers, it gives me goose bumps so I wouldn't be able to shave my legs without taking half my skin off haha
  13. Thanks! My sexual ideal is O's only with a partner. My ideal ideal is PIV O's like I used to have before I started M'ing, so I'm not having oral at the moment to help it along.
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  14. Thanks, I can't put anything down there though without having a reaction to it. Just gonna have to be careful and hope for the best :)
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    When not shaving, you can learn to do it. Start with the hands and feet, then forearms etc. Bit by bit, day by day. After a couple of weeks, I don't like warm showers anymore!

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