Washington D.C. HS Kids “racism” HOAX

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  1. The mainstream media isn’t the problem here. They reported the information available to them. Blame social media, that’s where this mess started.
  2. The mainstream media is on social media. They reported what they wanted to and disregarded the facts.
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    Worse than that was how every "righteous, justice-seeking" reporter fiercely attacked a bunch of teenagers! At worst, they were acting like jerky teenagers. And of course, that wasn't at all the case in the end.

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    The media has had an agenda for decades, it’s just easier to call them out on it with social media. I loved how there was actually an article (I think by the Washington Post) that actually quoted ClickHole (a satirical site) in one of their anti-Trump stories.

    And, of course, the BuzzFeed mess.
  5. What BuzzFeed mess?
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    Why are you such a shill?
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  8. I think what you need is some communism. :p
  9. I looked into this story myself for about an hour and found the full video that disproved almost everything in the articles. If someone who actually gets paid for this couldn't do what I could do in one morning on Twitter, then they should be fired.
  10. Perhaps you’re right.
  11. The media has a moral responsibility to do due diligence on their stories so they can report facts not lies. They clearly don’t do that.

    And the outrage mobs on Twitter, many of them with the blue check marks, must be some of the most hateful and miserable people alive.
  12. So now even after these kids have been proven innocent, people are still calling for them to be punched in the face, doxed, doxing their parents, and pleading for colleges not to admit them.

    The Native American in the video said he fought in the Vietnam war, but that was a lie, he never did
  13. I'm a white guy. When I'm out in public now and I see some other white guys, I'm actually thinking to myself "there are a lot of people in this world that hate their (and my) white face". Never felt this way before
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    Isn't it sad how the Left has to create a boogie monster and lie just to push their narrative.
  15. It's scary
  16. And it’s ironic.... because there are lots of white people being racist to white people so they can virtue signal
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  17. Yes! This is the really striking thing about this
  18. Yeah TBH, even as a person of colour I feel sorry for you white people especially the white guys... you guys didn't choose to be white yet you're being punished for it.
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    The Left doesn’t know what it wants anymore. The days of them being peace-loving, all-accepting, anti-war lovers of the planet are done.

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