watch anime it helps with lonliness

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Subhankar3763, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Subhankar3763

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  2. Which one are you watching my friend?
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  3. Marcelo48

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    Watching anime for loneliness is like watching porn for lack of sex. Not the best thing to do with your life.
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  4. expressyourself

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    You're distracting yourself from your raw and honest feelings.
    What about you start meditating and observing your feelings and the impermanence they actually have?
    Read some books on meditation or watch some youtube videos and actually apply the information, that will help you so much more than watching anime! ;-)
  5. Toomuchh

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    that's called escapism
  6. GigglingTrout

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    that's called being a weeb, and it's not going to do you any favors

    waifu pillows aren't going to make you feel any less lonely... sorry
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  7. i agree man, anime fillls me with life, especially when the characters face similar situations as me, i relate to it so much, right now i am watching the rising of the shield hero, that time i got reincarnated as a slime, and jojo, fuck anyone who disses anime.
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  8. maybe not doing you any favors, but for anime fans it gives us hope and happyness.
  9. thats not true, i do both and honestly they both do their own thing, meditation helps center me, anime gives me happyness and something to relate to.
  10. i couldnt agree more, i am going to leave this thread before i get triggered by ignorant people.
  11. GigglingTrout

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    I like you littlekegger, and I don't mean to step on your toes, if I have. I was being a tad facetious, and I apologize.

    I still like anime and JRPGs to some extent, but I am concerned about the OP's mentality.
    Saying "anime is life" and trying to fill the void caused by loneliness with cartoons instead of real people just does not seem like the healthiest route to go... I hope you can understand.

    Also, anime/manga can often have suggestive sexual content in it, and for someone recovering from porn, you have to be careful with some of that stuff.
  12. Marik757

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    I see nothing wrong with watching animes. No different from those who spend their time watching walking dead, game of thrones, etc. They have their own circle of people with common interests, and things to talk about.

    Being born and raised in Japan, then moving to the states in my early teen years. I gotten used to the anime culture even though I barely speak Japanese due to western influence. I for one acknowledge myself as an weeb. Being older though I dont spend as much time as I used too binge watching for hrs.

    I prefer dark psycological themed animes like Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass, Fate series, Death Note. Ecchi animes tend to make me cringe at this point in my NoFap journey...

    Potential triggers, NSFW

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