Watching anime during a reboot

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction Recovery' started by SomeSpanishGuy, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Hi everyone. I'm an anime fan and I'm rebooting. However, I'm a little concerned about watching anime while rebooting. You see, in some animes the producers tend to emphasise or show the sexual parts of their characters (the so called "fanservice"), even though there isn't a direct allusion to porn or sexual interactions. This can be a little triggering. The best solution would be to not watch these animes. However, as they aren't major sexual references, anime streaming pages do not classify them as "ecchi" (which means soft lecherous content basically). So it becomes a struggle to know which animes are safe and which ones are not. Any ideas on how to manage this?

    PS. Does anyone know if Himouto Umaru-chan is safe? I started watching it before rebooting but I didn't watch that much so I don't really know if it's safe or not.
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    Umaru Chan is safe but it sucks :emoji_shrug:

    I like Anime as much as the next guy and the only strategy I've used is just avoiding ecchi and you'll be fine.
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  3. Fanservice is in most anime. The best way to tell whether an anime will have lewd scenes regardless of whether it's classified as ecchi is if it has a harem like set up. Basically if there's like 3-5 females all hanging around the protag, you know it's going to have some scenes.
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    you arer the only one who can decide if u can watch that during reboot or not ! if u think that this anime scenes makes u excited and fire u up to fap so dont watch it and avoid anything make u desire to mastrbuate

    couple of months avoiding what u like to get ur life bk again worth it
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    i know it hard at first, i also afraid to watch anime earlier in my journey. but when you mastered self-control on certain level (by practice of course), you can take risk and watch anime, but when your self-control still low, i recommend you to only watch anime with no to low sexy characters or scenes. when you found out there's a sexy scene there, just close the page at that moment, simple.
  6. I follow this rule when watching anime or or any other media that may have sexual content: it’s OK to watch if the sexual content is minor to the plot and everything else of the series. For example, I’ll watch One Piece and Game Of Thrones because I don’t primarily watch it for the fan service and sex scenes. I avoid ecchi and hentai because they’re primarily designed to arouse you.
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    I only watch old standbys that I absolutely know I can handle because anime in general is one of my many triggers.
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    Wow,I was watching Shokugeki when I tried nofap. Failed miserably hehe. Also consider watching on some ad free websites like animevibe ,cause ads on 9anime really are big TRIGGERS!
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  9. How can you control yourself? What do you mean by self control? Just not to go to the p site and wank?

    I haven't been watching anime for 1.5 years, and I think watching anime has regressed healing.There are a few anime that I want to watch, maybe one day, after leaving the addiction behind, I will watch these animes.(DBZ, Shingeki no Kyojin, Jojo Part5, Deathnote...)
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    I'm not a huge anime fan but the few I've watched haven't been overly sexual. I started Paranoia Agent during my reboot and I was fine. Thats a pretty good one. Also Samurai Champloo. I don't know, those overly sexual fan service animes don't really appeal to me. I tried watching Gate not too long ago and thought it was a cool plot but it got lame really quick because there was such an emphasis on the Japanese soldiers banging the fantasy girls and it just took away from the story in my opinion, lol.
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  11. As the fellows above said. Be careful with the triggers, especially the ads. Of course, you can watch anime. But obviously don't spend the whole day watching, because you are not doing anything productive. Just know how to control your use. And know where are the triggers.
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    Some sexual innuendo are subconscious and could destroy your nofap journey. Just be careful with that.
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    I love to watch anime now but i know i wont make it so far if i touch it (80days now). I have tried reducing games,movies ,musics and animes only to relapse again and again.
    Now that i've stopped everything, i have have reach the longest streak ever and not planning to go bck. I love playing games and watching anime a lot but it has no benefits toward my reboot and my personal development.
    Hopefully one day when i have recovered substantially, i will finish up one piece and watch anime in moderation.

    Ps.Dont use technology for pleasure. Thats my take.