Watching Friends - Looks very new even in 2019!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    For the past couple of days, I`m keeping up abstinence over social media and some form of entertainment.. since I`ve decided to have a constructive way of recreation.

    in my schedule of entertainment list, there`s always big NO for social media, Insta, youtube (download and watch some informative videos).

    so I`ve been doing1 Hr self-hypnosis training, watching ASMR which really helps me to fall asleep soon.

    with that, I`ve also sorted out 22 mins of my everyday life to watch FRIENDS (1994-2004)

    TV series which is less aggressive or sexual, and more humorous, we can learn how to sleep over, party or live together with homies!

    Is there any problem or probabilities of getting addicted when watching classic TV shows and drams such as FRIENDS?. Also, post your opinion or experience of watching Friends!.
  2. Sharksvv

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    I view the Friends show somewhat differently when I was still addicted. Every one of the six characters have many relationships throughout the series and at one point to me that was something I felt I could never get, so it made me a bit jealous and angry, I felt it was a part of my life that I was missing compared to theirs.

    After my reboot and eventual acquisition of a girlfriend I view it differently and I feel I understand a lot more of their relationship problems now that I’ve lived through things like that.

    They always all seem overall positive throughout their problems with life in general and they’re all a support network for eachkther which is admirable among 6 friends like that, although I do feel it’s somewhat unrealistic because guys and girls being just friends and true equals like that is rare, almost always at least either the man or woman will want something more. It’s a great show.
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  3. HegHeu

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    Watching friends after reboot during reboot and before reboot feels a lot different if you know what I mean.
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  4. backlashx

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    Hey Zillion! Although I'm commenting on your post for the first time, I'm going to say that I'm very glad you have decided to keep Social media and other forms of entertainments on hold. If there's is something that'll teach you self-control and help you in your journey, it's exactly what you're doing right now. As time goes, you can take on other habits that'll build your resilience and courage to delay short term gratification and learn to be comfortable to be able to say "No".

    I can't really say much about Friends T.V show since I never watched it while growing up. Although my sister does so from time to time, and as far as I know, she says it's very funny. It's true that Laughing is a the best form of therapy. Wish you the best! :emoji_grinning:
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  5. Newlife33

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    I think it's a pretty good thing to get into. Porn and social media aren't really connective things, it's hard to bond or relate to people in a positive way over those things. But if you watch friends and then meet someone else who has watched it, it creates a nice social bond. It gets a little weird if that's the ONLY thing you watch and can talk about, but if you add that to your social life discussions along with other things, I feel you are on the right path.
  6. baharhashemi

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