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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Unvers, Feb 3, 2018.

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    Hi all, I reduced my orgasms to two per week to preserve energy and avoid a condition of depression and brain fog that hit me after O but I still watch porn without touching myself and I noted this habit doesn't do harm on myself apart from a downing in dopamine caused by prolactin but doesn't last too long, anyone in the same situation?
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    Porn is the thont you need to avoid the most
    MO 2 times a month doesn't do harm, but porn does harm
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    Feeding the lion without going to the cage nice hope he never jumps the cage ..
  4. JesusGreen

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    Masturbation on its own is not the cause of your problems. Porn is. Masturbation in itself isn't really a bad thing unless overdone - we're avoiding it here either as acts of self control, or because we did do it to excess, or because we were addicted (just like how an alcoholic will stop drinking alcohol entirely, since even a small amount can cause them to pick up their bad habit again).

    Porn however is the one that causes the problems. You can quit porn and keep masturbating regularly and still get almost all of the benefits of NoFap. However quitting masturbating, and still watching porn, will give you none of them. If you can control both, even better, but porn should be your main focus.

    Watching porn without masturbating is like a cocaine addict who always does coke at parties, wanting to stop his bad habit.. instead of stopping his coke, he stops going to parties, and starts doing coke at home, and says that he's better off for it. No, the parties might be a trigger for the coke use, but the problem is the coke use. Doing it at home is no better.

    In the same sense here, porn without masturbation is no better for you than porn with masturbation. In fact, I'd personally argue it's worse for you. At least when you do masturbate, you orgasm, lose arousal, and don't keep watching porn, so you spend less overall time watching it. If you watch without masturbating, or masturbate without reaching orgasm, you just ride that dopamine high for even longer, and do more damage than if you just orgasmed.

    You're completely deluding yourself if you think it's doing you no harm. It's precisely the porn that was doing the harm in the first place. Ultimately, it's up to you what you do, but I suggest you take some time to think about it all. The problems of PMO all originate from dopamine receptor down-regulation, which is caused by porn. Not by orgasms. Not by masturbation (well, long edging will do that too, but not to the extreme extent that happens with porn).. but by porn.

    This is how addictions work though. One of the things to note about habits is they are not just some passive part of your brain. They are an active part of you, they have a personality. Your bad habits will try to convince you to indulge in them more. They'll give you every reason in the book to do it "just one more time". They'll convince you that since you're not masturbating, porn is totally okay - when porn is actually the problem, not the masturbation. They'll convince the alcoholic that one or two drinks are just fine, oh, and one more.. and a couple more.. oh what the hell, you're already a little tipsy, just down the whole bottle. Wisen up to the tricks your own mind plays on you, or you will never conquer your bad habits.
  5. I do not think you really understand what this site is all about. This is a porn recovery site man! Stop that shit! It's poison. Re-read the excellent points by @JesusGreen. I agree fully with what he says. You have rationalized porn as OK. Here is a short video to get over some basic information about the damage you are doing to yourself at the moment.

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  6. You have mentioned this several times as being evidence of post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS). It is a rare condition where symptoms can include extreme fatigue, weakness, feverishness or sweating, mood changes or irritability, memory or concentration problems, and/or a stuffy nose or itching eyes. Some scientists believe it may be due to a semen allergy that causes an immediate hypersensitivity reaction. Information from: The Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Centre...

    Was POIS a self-diagnosis or has this diagnosis been made by a professional clinician? After all, you suffer from diagnosed depression and anxiety and take an antidepressant. And we all get brain fog after we ejaculate. The only other symptom you have mentioned is itchy eyes. If you are allergic to your semen, why do you ejaculate so often, it makes no sense! :confused:
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  8. Unvers

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    Guys, I really praise your support and think that porn could be also a problem for me but the main problem with me is O like said before independently if achieved with porn, with fantasy or with a partner, I tried to have sex two times in the past but didn't reach orgasm so I can't say for sure if with sex the problem will come but I am 99.9% sure it will because it compares in every orgasm, with or without porn.

    Maybe I am a strange case in this site where the problem is O and not P or M, my thoughts on pornography are neutral, I don't think I will risk addiction because watching it without M and O is boring after a while but you are right when say that pornography can cause addiction but I personally don't demonize it more than tobacco smoking or gambling.

    Tomorrow I think I will write a more exhaustive post about POIS, in the past I tried also abstinence from porn and any sexual activity but this had a negative impact on me.

    I hope I can be a member of this community even if my principal enemy is not P but O, strange but true, this site is main a recovery from porn addicted but I see also people that want complete abstinence so I hope also my case can be accepted, obviously I will not advocate use of pornography in any thread considering that porn is the main enemy here.
  9. DecisionPoint

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    This is an idiotic approach and, to me, an example of how porn warps perspective.
  10. lantti

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    Do yourself a favour, list here, 10 good things that porn has ever done to you. Make a defence for it, here. Give us something to argue. Then say 10 things why orgasms are so bad and evil. say same thing for masturbation. Please.



    You know in your heart that you're wrong, and we will prove you wrong if you're willing to listen reason. However, You should go here
    And read it all, and save time of everybody.
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  11. Unvers

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    Ok, porn can be very bad but orgasms in my case are an hell even without porn and I suspect even with a girl because of the disease, maybe I will try a nofap only from O. :D
  12. Exactly! Couldn’t have said it better myself!
  13. Fenix Rising

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    I would say it depends on what habits did you develop while watching porn. If you've used to watch it for a few minutes, until you had an orgasm, then porn is not such a big deal for you. But If it was your tool to bingle masturbate for hours, eventually developing fetishes and searching for more and more extreme/weird stuff down the road, then you should avoid it like a plague. In that case you need brain rewiring and I'd advice you going total cold turkey (no porn, no masturbation and no sex) for at least 3 months.

    I think main problem of bingle masturbator (masturbating for hours on daily basis) is that way too much dopamine and oxyitocin is being released to your brains, which causes addiction, just like opioids do. You can't just snap out of it, your brains need to develop new neurological pathways, away from porn-bingle masturbation connection, and that takes time.

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