Way to Eliminate Chaser Effects?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by 1zer0p, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. 1zer0p

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    So I just edge and have a little orgasm like when you pee... I dont want to relapse cuz if I relapse I won't and can't get up and will stuck for about 4 months before continuing. I want a ways about how to deal with chaser effect?
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  2. IGY

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    Edging is a relapse.
  3. 1zer0p

    1zer0p Fapstronaut

    If you say so but for me it's giving up your nofap journey and going back to your addiction which I will not gonna do again.
  4. IGY

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  5. 1zer0p

    1zer0p Fapstronaut

    I have my own rules, I guess. I know that PMO or edging will increase my dopamine level and it will become harder for my journey. I want to learn everything from this one journey, sounds stupid? maybe, I'm just teenager wanted to stop PMO and start an adult life easier. I maybe edge right now but I won't do it next time,if i edge again it's that and that. Sorry if you don't like my own rule, and correct me if I say something wrong about dopamine. Lastly I want a ways to deal with upcoming strong urges thankyou...
  6. IGY

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    It is OK to have your own goals and your own rules buddy. I just want to make sure you are well informed, that's all. Here are some suggestions I put together a while back. Pick out the ones you feel will help you the most. good luck! :)

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  7. Drambuie

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    just pointing out relapse is full abandonment of nofap. Reset is if you fap but try again in nofap goals. I see that article on the problematic sex behavior page.

    To answer question to eliminate chasers. Just dont start.eliminate thoughts from your mind. Once you start chaser begins and impossible to stop. in my journey its biggest issue
  8. Are you talking about precum?
    Do dopamine detox
  9. |Hanuman|

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    My Journal
    Edging is the worst thing you can do. I would say masturbation and orgasm causes less damage than edging. Once you start edging, you will definitely edge all day and you’ll crave for it everytime.
    Here are some fapstronauts mentioned about edging give it a shot.

    it’s better to be on the safe side.
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  10. 1zer0p

    1zer0p Fapstronaut

    Is that when you prohibited your self for a week? If that's what your talking about maybe I did that and that's the last time I WILL DO IT AGAIN.
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  11. Don't use internet 1-2 days no games, nothing, stare at wall. You will feel like your head is lighter.
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  12. vulture175

    vulture175 Fapstronaut

    Does it really work. It's difficult to stare at wall for even 30 minutes. Mind starts wandering, and then the body
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  13. You don't take your addiction seriously if you think that you can get rid of it and keep edging. Sorry, it's a mistake done by a lot of fappers.
    In your case edging is clearly a relapse.

    To answer your question: your chaser effect will disappear ONLY IF you take your problem seriously. Otherwise, sorry, it'll, well, chase you forever.
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  14. Well if some people do like that for a week then you can just do it for one day.
    I did it just one day and it worked. I guess us porn addicts are also internet addicts, internet is the problem and porn is just part of the cake.
  15. 1zer0p

    1zer0p Fapstronaut

    We'll I Know that I made a mistake edging but when I relapse or reset my counter, I will just feel more depressed for about weeks and won't be able to go to the track after 4 months. The day where I relapse feel so horrible,urge there and urge here but I was able to overcome it, I just stare at sky and to the star for about 15 minutes, you just should try it too.
  16. 1zer0p

    1zer0p Fapstronaut

    Can i stare at the sky and star too for better alternate? I don't like my walls,staring at it making me think of P.
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  17. You can.
  18. mutu

    mutu Fapstronaut

    edging is horrible and without edging there would be no PMO addiction because of the dopamine which would end soon after an addict has his O, therefore, we "addicts" keep edging for hours to keep flooding our brains with dopamine!

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