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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MattRN, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. MattRN

    MattRN Fapstronaut

    So, I have noticed that one thing that porn addiction frequently leads to is a loss of job, a bad job due to poor choices made for years on end or even no job.

    I am curious and think many of the members would appreciate some incite on ways to legally make money.
    Business ideas, mentoring or anything else that may be helpful.

    I'll start with an idea that I started last year.
    I opened up an eBay account and used to go to yard sales.
    I ended up doing pretty well sometimes buying things for a few dollars and selling for 100.
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  2. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Fapstronaut

    Tell me more about this. How did you find out how much things were actualy worth? Were there ever points when the shipping and handling cost more than the money you made form the sale?
  3. MattRN

    MattRN Fapstronaut

    Oh yes there are times when it costs more to ship. I started with small things. Things I know fit in flat rate boxes. So that way I have an idea what they cost to ship.

    I use an eBay app to get an idea of what the item is worth. I look it up before making an offer.
    I even go to good will and buy expensive name brand jeans. For 5$ each and sell for 20-40 depending on the brand.
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  4. ruso

    ruso Fapstronaut

    That's pretty awesome @MattRN, are you still selling things in Ebay? what's your next venture?
  5. ruso

    ruso Fapstronaut

    Has anyone in the US states that allow it, had any luck with TaskRabbit?
  6. MattRN

    MattRN Fapstronaut

    No I stopped. I took the proceeds from eBay and started a small business. :)

    What is taskrabbit
  7. ruso

    ruso Fapstronaut

    TaskRabbit is this website where you are paid per the tasks you do: https://www.taskrabbit.com/ - it's limited to certain areas of the US only though.

    What's the small business you started with the Ebay income?
  8. MattRN

    MattRN Fapstronaut

    I started a small Powerwash business. The eBay income only bought the powerwasher 1600$
    The rest I had to buy in pieces slowly to afford it. But it is going pretty good so far. This is my first year. Been open since the start of May.
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  9. nomo

    nomo Fapstronaut

    I'm not doing it currently, but I'm hoping to buy some investment real estate. The purpose would be to have an income stream from rents that I can use to supplement my income when I retire. If all goes well the property value would appreciate and I would be able to borrow money against it or sell off the property when I needed cash.
  10. MattRN

    MattRN Fapstronaut

    This is a good idea. Make sure you have enough cash flow first. I looked into it but didn't feel that I had enough cash to put it all to a house. I was planning on flipping it.
  11. abragred

    abragred Fapstronaut

    Seen some great options on here, and if quite a few I've heard myself.
  12. hulkfresh23

    hulkfresh23 Fapstronaut

    we could talk more about these topics. i am keen to know more. now i can't stop thinking to open my own restaurant i think i can do it and manage it. I have to work for myself it's dificult wake up every morning and going to a job that i don't like. (i know i am lucky because i have job) but i have this dream since i can't remember long time ago... and now i think i can. wish me lucky friends. all the best for you ;)
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  13. BiGHaRRy

    BiGHaRRy Fapstronaut

    I am so happy to hear all of these amazing stories! You are inspiring me to be honest. I've wanted to start a business for a long time and after speaking with some friends, I've decided to start something related to retail arbitrage. I have friends who have been doing this for a long time and they helped me to set up everything. I even found some help on yourmoneygeek.com and it was helpful. It's pretty hard to make money during a pandemic, but hopefully, things will work out for the better. I cannot wait to make some money and to finally be able to afford a nice car
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  14. Great idea for a thread!

    What is your venture, Roady?
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  15. Brilliant!
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  16. CholCamp

    CholCamp New Fapstronaut

    You could try gambling online. If you are good at it you could make a pretty good profit off of it.
  17. Wilde°

    Wilde° Fapstronaut

    Stay away from any sort of gambling..
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  18. Wilde°

    Wilde° Fapstronaut

    Currently reading a book about stock marketing, hoping to achieve something nice in the future :)
  19. emmanuilteleshev

    emmanuilteleshev Fapstronaut

    You could try gambling online. If you are good at it you could make a pretty good profit off of it. I used to make good money with the help of betting and casinos a while ago. I stopped because I got a real job and didn't really have any time for those. I also found some of the best apps to make money fast and they were of such big help back then. I remember how happy I was when I had enough money to afford my first phone cause I worked 4 months for it.
  20. Beingpure

    Beingpure Fapstronaut

    best apps to make money fast

    Thank you, I will try and see whether it can be used out of the U.S......

    Since it is a quarantine time... I just stuck and fed up with financial anxiety and too salty and greasy foods bought by my parents.

    You know, the COVID-19 has become a serious issue in my country. There must be some serious medical breakdown, for sure.
    My parents are aged (over 65) and one works in hospital. So getting vaccine are at risk.... Also, it is really expensive to get a shot who are not on the urgent list like me.....

    I do not think it will help at all for my family but still, thanks to the U.S. government for the precious vaccines anyway.

    I hope you, kind, friendly, and generous you all can survive from this plague.
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