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  1. This video is what i'm gonna summarize below. It's from beautiful Mayara, Youtube Mayara Healing Arts. You can Google search for "sexual transmutation" to understand more about what it is and how to practice it (I'm gonna add those link of Sexual Transmutation definition later).

    I discover her from looking for a video of Sexual transmutation:

    (I'll write down in words some of her ideas to adapt mindset in this article)

    And since i'm female so this don't really focus on those male issues like semen retention or so. But in the video she talk about the male part too.

    Why i'm typing this? Cause i'm kinda frustrated about how many times i lied to myself and relapse times to times in December to now, February. Actually, i relapse on those days: Dec 7th, 9th, 30th, Jan 15th, 24th, Feb 1st. And before November i don't capture so i don't really remember it all. But those number of dates prove that i actually have a high sex drive (or i consume "gay porn" to find drawing reference but ended up relapse). Either way, I didn't know something was wrong between "watching gay PORN" and being a Nofap, simply just want to stay hormones balance, not dopamine strike. I had a wrong mindset that it wouldn't affect me, until it did. Okay, any kind of PORN still, simply, PORN, right. And that makes me re-mindset. So i go online, find and find and then Sexual Transmutation came up. So i write here the methods Mayara mentioned to practice them whenever a sexual energy hits me in the near future, at anytime i may not aware of.

    Okay, I'll go straight to the point of the methods. She has 8 methods. Why i have to write it down? To use it easily with the right mindset. Some of methods can be triggered. Maybe some not suitable for those Nofap folks in the "hard mode" like me right now, cause i spend like 1 day of watching gay porn, and 2 days of researching and found Sexual transmutation, so my partners are whining about how late i am on the project upcoming @@. But anyway, mindset is not about right or wrong but adaptable or not. That's just it. You have to filter the information you take.

    1. Food and self care: organic fruits, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid artificial favored, colored, processed products. Things like make-up products (for girls) that organic-based, natural. Toxic stuff block energy, brain, emotion, body in general.
    2. Exercise: move, breath, with the life force in your body. Sometimes you need to run, do some push-ups, things like that. But the main thing is, in this case, is What is your goal? Learning a new sport, losing weights, so you gonna put this energy to exercise, to what you wanna learn. Now let's say you start a business, or you have a business there, you want to grow (Which is my case, my dad has a company), or you wanna change your work area. What do you like to build in your life, to create in your life? Do you want to make music or video in Youtube? For anything you'd like to do, you need you energy, that's the whole point. And that's the power of sexual transmutation. You not wasting it to the peak Orgasms. You're maintain this energy and you're channeling, building this energy.
    3. Celibacy: no sex or masturbation (M) in 2,3 weeks to recharging sexual energy that wasted and misused. Through celibacy, you're working to the power of your mind. We have to be master of our instincts instead of being dominated by your own instinct. If you can't control your sexual instinct or your sexual desire, you can't control anything in your life. The same thing with food or any other addiction. It's easier said than done but that's why we do this kind of things.
    And why 3 weeks? That's time our brain needs to create new neural pathways. If you wanna start a good habit: Do it for 3 weeks. If you want to meditate: meditate within 3 weeks without a day off. If you wanna stop something: stop for 3 weeks and that would be much easier for you to keep going after that.
    4. Eliminate porn: It's basically Nofap, right here. Porn is big big issue, a billion dollar industry. The thing about Porn is like when you use a drug, you gonna shoot heroin in your vein, you know you're choosing it and you know the consequences. With porn, people don't know but it's very similar, Cause w porn, what happening in the brain is the same. It's stimulating dopamine, dopamine and dopamine. Tomorrow you're gonna need more because the levels of dopamine, more extreme kinds of porn, you're just desensitized. And they have to use extra stimulation like (trigger: toys), not having erection. They need to first use porn, then the partner. Most school don't have sexual education and porn is available for everyone. Another problem about porn is objectify people. Most of us wouldn't wanna see out mom, dad, bro, sis, daughter, son, husband, best friend,.. doing porn, cause that's not cool. Now we're okay w watching someone doing it so this is like you're objectifying the person forgetting that they're actually human being w feelings. Maybe they agreed to do that but we don't know the reason why, like traumas, issues. (or they just simply ...doing that). It's exposing themselves. One thing about porn is removing everything sacred about sex, love. It's no love, no connection, hug, make porn even violence. If you watching this, you give energy to this porn system, feed this system so we create the demands. You're literally feeding your brain w a lot of that. So feeding your brain about transmitting sexual energy, with love, it's better way to do it.
    5. Consciously use sexual energy and
    M with purpose

    (since we're Nofappers, this advice maybe don't really suitable for those who goes PMO abstaining like me. It's up to you how to take the advice)
    If you M regularly, you're single or taken, it's just another addiction, a release gives that pump of dopamine. If you feel the need to M cause you're feeling lonely, something in your life goes wrong, you're trying to escape from, feeling stressed,tired... Sometimes you make love just like a mutual M, just want to release.
    Be aware, you can learn
    multiple O, full body O, g-spot, a-spot O can be not just 5 secs release, waste of energy. (those toys and crystals to stimulate the sense, but vibrator can desensitize you)
    . How you can use these energy to nurture your brain, your organ, your body, your inspiration, also your connection and intimacy for partner.
    The 6. reveals how.
    6. Practice breathing exercise (breathwork), visualization, meditation like Microcosmic Orbit one (You Google what it is)
    Transmute you sexual energy with the Microcosmic Orbit:
    Think about the sexual energy in the pelvic so that our meditation that you visualize the energy goes up and down your spine to the left and right channels up to the brain and you keep bringing this energy up and down. (use the kegels and pelvis to pump the energy up and down your spine, channel the energy so it's not stuck in your pelvis to you feel even explode)
    Many exercise like Mula Bandha Yoga / Pelvic Floor Excercise (go Youtube it). When you squeeze and release your pelvic floor and you may do that with meditations and visualization as well. It's almost like pumping this energy instead of leaking, wasting it through the pelvis, we're pumping it up. This is also good to do before you exercise if you need an extra energy, before a big day of work, you just need some fire inside of you. And thing is you get to be consistent with those in the beginning cause you may not feel anything but you gotta keep doing it, keep doing it and keep doing it because it's like you're awakening, re-opening, those channels that are already there, already exists but it may just had forgotten because we stopped using it so then you may start having these experiences of
    multiple O, full-body O, heart bring O,..
    , finding you open up your chakras, high sense perception through moving this energy, just experiencing bliss and connectedness. There are so much that we can experience. When I (Mayara) first started practicing these exercise, I wouldn't feel anything. Nowadays like every time I do it, I just feel so hot because it is an inner fire that I'm like literally sweating. In general, just meditation even you don't feel anything, it's always so good for you, just like visualizing energy moving, grounding yourself (Youtube for Grounding meditation), breathing.
    7. (Having sex - related, for those in relationship) Respect your temple and body sacred
    When we have sex w someone, that is a major energy exchange happening. We always exchange energy to environment and everyone around us. But when we have sex, this is one of the most intimate ways we're being w someone and there's a deep energy connection created by that. We leave part of our energy with the person, we keep part of their energy w us. So let's say the person you have sex with is also having sex w more people, you're also getting the energy of the other people they're having sex with and even their people form their past. So especially woman, we are much more receptive by nature so we ended up really holding to a lot of demands energy and that's vice versa for the men, too. Just the nature of the woman we ended up being more affected but it affects both, we both keep energy of the partner and whoever they've had sex with. So we keep, of course, their part of good energy too, but we also keep part of their karmas, traumas, so that can be a big energy entanglements where we hold on to energy of so many people inside of us and we maybe have confusing thoughts and things in our body that's not even ours. These act like energetic parasites, they're draining us. So it's really serious, respect your temple, know that your body's sacred. And how would you treat something is sacred? Not just share it with anyone. So that's why you have to be master of your instincts. You don't have to go around on a Friday night just trying to find someone, call booty call to your ex because you feel lonely. So you gotta be master of these, and starts like leveling up your brain.
    8. (Having sex - related, for those in relationship) Practicing sacred sexuality and love versus lust.
    So it was related to 7., know that your body's sacred and respect your temple, and this energy sacred, not something that you wanna share w just anyone. Now if you find a partner that is on the same path, imagine how beautiful it can be like you both can learn so much together about yourselves, about life, about Devine, about just opening up you full powers, your high sense perception, open your third eye, open your hearts, open roots, your sacral (7 chakras) , embody all of who you are. Like sex is good, but sex without love, that's only so much like you can practice some of the techniques w someone that you don't love but if your hearts is kinda closed either because you don't fully love that person, care about the person, or you're afraid, don't open it up becaus of traumas, you kinda shy and holding back. There is only so much you can experience because remember this energy gotta flow all the way up and pass through the heart gates and you really find the higher levels, dimensions. So when you open up your heart and you combine love with sex and that spiritual connection, it can be a very powerful energy connection in exchange. When the love is there and then the feeling of safety is very important, trust, and all of that we have to be vulnerable to experience. When this is there, it's much easier to have these experiences and when we are truly open, trust and surrender, that's when the magic happens. Sometimes it's nice to be a little patience, and just focus on your life, focus on yourself, focus on getting to be a stronger person because we're attracting almost like a reflection of who we are (our partner), or we're attracting lessons we need to learn. so the more you work in yourself, the more ready you'll be, if you want one day to have a partner, like you find someone on a same level than you.
    So work on yourself, be patience, respect yourself, and in the end if you find someone that is worth, just open your heart and trust.
    End of the video :)

    I'll write down her video

    about the mindset and idea why sexual transmutation of her. First just this.
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  2. Sounds like a plan fam. I hope you find success in your endeavors. I also know that you'll get massive gains if you transform one's sexual energy to other Productive forms of energy. Good luck.
  3. Thank you so much for the kind words. :D
    What is your practice about this? Do you practice sexual transmutation? What do you do when a sexual energy hits you?
  4. I mostly do my best to snap out of this. For some reason, somehow, I naturally transmutate my sexual energy to better forms of energy, Big brain energy, Better physical ability mostly but I feel more at peace in general and I'm able to sleep much better at night. Loneliness sometimes hits me hard and causes me to look stuff up to escape reality but I choose to grin my teeth and suffer on a straight and more correct path.

    I do believe that it takes time until you start transforming an abundance amount of energy. Right now, I'm sleep deprived because of my dumbass slepeing at 2 AM and waking up at 5 to pray dawn prayer then slept again only to wake up at 7:25 AM only to get ready to online classes. I can only explain my ability to deal with all this by doing NoFap. It helps me unlock my energy reserves and I just naturally tap into them when I'm mostly tired. Makes me become better, faster, stronger and more durable in general. So good luck fam. Its gonna be rough at first but then things will start to ease up as you get used to things. Cold showers don't work on me/ I'm just too lazy to do them so I just take a quick change of pace. By snapping out of it. I shake my head so fast and hard that I remember what I'm doing and why.
  5. Well watch out the sleep deprived part, it can get you grumpy, sleepy, procrastinating and maybe it has anything related to sex drive? Cause i had it when i had deadlines (now i'm in holidays, not in the term anymore, and i have to CREATE MY OWN DEADLINE *sigh*:)) ), i got sexual dream and sleep paralysis, even hear the voice of ghost on my ears @@ lol, it's luckily just a dream, but i know it was from lacking of sleep, turbulent biorhythm.
  6. Never had any sort of experiences like ghosts or paralysis but I did once get sleep paralysis back in my second term of my second year in high school. It might be related to porn but I'm not yet sure. I do feel grumpy, sleepy and I do procrastinate a lot. My sex drive is non-existent Right now. It mostly appears when I've decided to indulge in PMO as I can go multiple rounds throughout the day. Self-destructive habit I swear to god...
  7. Just, sexual transmutation :) it's all to practice :) good luck to you and the "high school" thing. I know it's tough. Lol those highschool days were the toughest. Cause i'm in the last year and last term of uni, where i have to make a project of a real product w my teammates (which i postponed to research about this. But this was worth, so freaking worth my time).
    So yeah, mindset yourself, mindset. Consider sexual transmutation. Good luck bro :)
  8. Thanks fam. I'm actually in my foundation year of university so high school has been done a long time ago. Wasted too much time busting nuts here and there and didn't put in much effort at the beginning of that stage of my life back then.
  9. You realized it soon, congrats. I need like 2 years to realize how PMO destroyed me, and get back up in a half year, like a "phoenix", so freaking proud but still have PMO issue till now. G'luck :D
  10. Not really sure if I know it destroyed me either. Takes a long time to understand and figure that out.
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    Wow...thanks for taking the time and researching and finally writing this down here for us....
    I am sure it's gonna help those who are at early stage of quiting:)
    Keep up the good work.
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    i couldn't read the triggering parts of the paragraph as just seeing the female in the thumpnail of the video is arousing and just knowing that a girl (you) LoL has troubles with porn and masturbating is turning me on like hell ahahahaha, sorry i don't mean to be disrespectful, it's not your fault, this is a platform for all genders and people for support with pmo, and thanks for the info about sexual transmutation, i'm on day 72 of nofap and my senses are hightend , and i became really sensitive to even seeing a woman's face online or chatting virtually onine with a female is enough to get me excited without even seeing her face LoL, Cheerz :emoji_smiley:
  13. Muhammad Husayn

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    My Journal
    Hey thank you so much for the tips to transmute sexual energy, it's very helpful!
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  14. You're welcome. Now i practice to produce right thoughts to my conscious mind which will affect my subconscious mind, so i know pretty much how my thoughts went if i went wrong way... So it's not really just about Sexual Transmutation, it's a great practice tho, but practice your thoughts to conscious mind to get right in the subconscious mind is really important thing.
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