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    Feeling the urge to masturbate during your nofap journey is an indicator that the energy getting accumulated overtime by not masturbating is not getting transmuted in any other form. I read posts where people say even after 90 days nofap they were not able to see major benefits. One reason for not seeing major benefits is that you are merely collecting the energy during nofap and not putting effort in transmuting it to get supreme productivity. I wrote at length about my productivity curve through my nofap journey, today I am going to talk about the ways I used to transmute the sexual energy that helped me get rid of urges and ultimately improve my productivity,

    1. Work-out/Excercise - Everybody knows this one, this is a great way to transmute your energy and divert its flow through your body. As you exercise, your sexual energy transmutes and gets transferred into your body parts, arms, legs, shoulders. This way your energy does not remain accumulated in your crotch area rather it is assimilated. I used this one a lot during my journey.

    2. Hang out with friends but no boozing - I found that sitting with friends, interacting with people talking about issues, brainstorming ideas, was a really good way to transmute my energy, and it took my focus off masturbating. I highly recommend avoiding alcohol, as it is known to be one of the biggest factors that can cause you to relapse. So sit with people, hang out, discuss and most importantly speak, let that energy transmute through.

    3. Deep work - I am a software engineer by profession, I use to get into deep thinking about solving algorithms on my whiteboard, thinkin' about various scenarios, inputs, outputs, and in my opinion that was the best way to transmute my energy to get max productivity. It comes with practice, initially in your journey when you are extremely horny you will find this one to be the hardest, it requires a lot of focus, but as you gain more control over your thoughts you will find this one easy. This one has two advantages, it will ultimately help you in your career and also help your control the urges.

    4. Do something creative - pick up a hobby, I play guitar and had been away from it for a while, but during my journey, I played it fairly regularly. Again an awesome way to transmute your sexual energy into doing something creative. Find something creative to do. Doing something creative is a great way to make you feel good about yourself.

    5. Meditation - Lose yourself, free your mind from worry and meditate, concentrate, and focus. I personally did not rely on this one much, but it is tremendously helpful. Now, this can be done in various ways, it can be as simple as plugging your AirPods and listening to the music of your choice with focus or as complex as getting into an asana and focusing, whatever it is, the ultimate goal should be to aim for mindfulness.

    Also, I did not come up with all these ways, I learned it exploring web and youtube, however, I implemented them and did find them helpful.
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