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    Hi guys.

    First of all I'd like to notice, that English is not my first language. Sorry for all the mistakes I've made below.

    Sometimes I have wet dreams. I know, that they are totally normal, but I've noticed recently, that I had never had any wet dreams about sex. All my wet dreams are about watching porn and/or masturbating, and I'm afraid it's not very good sign. What can I do to start experiencing wet dreams about some sexual activity with girl? Do I need to just wait and it will start happening itself?

    Here's my second question. I'm kind of obsessed about being able to cum when I'm with girl, because it never happened in my entire life. How much time of NoFap is necessary to finally be able to cum when it should happen? And also how I'll be able to notice, that my reboot is finally over?
  2. **John**

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    You have to rewire your brain.
    At the moment, your brain thinks, fapping to porn is good.
    But now your brain must relearn, that girls are great and not fapping.
    Thats why you have to stay away from PMO completely at least until you are dreaming about girls.
    There is no real obvious signs for being rewired, but you will be notice huge improvements in your sexuality.
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    There is absolutely nothing you can do to manipulate your wet dreams to involve girls rather than porn and masturbation. Dreams arise from your subconscious. The further you get into the reboot, the less often you will experience these dreams. However it really depends on how badly you were addicted to PMO and other factors.

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