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  1. This might as well re-shape/change your perspective on this whole nofap thing.
    Disclaimer! I’m not saying this will help everyone! Some of you might as well have different issues and reasons behind not being able to get on a proper streak on nofap/semen retention.
    This is purely my humble opinion on this subject so don’t believe it’s the absolute truth.

    So here I am this morning. Relapsed. Feeling bit drained and experiencing this post-nut clarity.
    “I can’t succeed without self-love” I heard my inner Baltic Man telling me.

    I thought about it for a good time.
    I started recalling my previous streaks and what made them so good and they had one thing in common.

    Feeling of well being.

    So what it means to feel well?
    • energized
    • happy
    • more control over thoughts
    • more motivated
    • focused
    • more present - more here and now than somewhere else;
    WHY did I experience that sense of well being?

    Simple answer is nofap.
    But that’s just a simple, quick answer. It’s a no-brainer that nofap can help you achieve that well being.
    But what if you’re a guy with no streak, with no motivation and you’re struggling to even get out of your bed in the morning you probably won’t feel that well being, you will find it almost impossible to win over your porn addiction.

    So what can you do? What could be the issue?

    Simply put - lack of self-love, self-acceptance.

    As Itachi Uchiha from Naruto said: “Those who cannot acknoedge their TRUE self eventually fail”
    Acknowledging yourself means to love yourself. It means that you can live with who you are without hating yourself.
    When there’s hate there’s no love. Where’s no love there’s no strength.
    And how can a weak mind succeed?

    So start with accepting yourself. At the start it might feel weird.
    “I have this issue - how can I accept myself?”
    “I’m too [insert negative description here] - how can I be loved?”

    But fake it til’ you make it. We ALL deserve love.

    Start with this simple mantra (if you dont know what mantra is - google it)
    “I love myself. So I wont harm myself with addiction and bad habits. I’m healthy”
    Believe me, it WILL work. You will see.

    You will struggle with it, you will fail but sooner or later you’ll notice that you love yourself at least more than usual. More than before.

    So once you’ve accepted that someone who you are and once you’re chanting the mantras now it’s time to also start using another form of love.


    First of all - have enough sleep! That is the number one thing for good health, good mood and overall well being.

    Then we have other important components like:
    • healthy diet (you dont even have to count calories - just eat enough protein, fats and get your vitamin intake on track)
    • workout; the most important thing that makes you level up. Nothing makes me feel better than lifting heavy stuff or just getting my body tired. You don’t have to lift weights if you don’t want to but just move, run, sweat. It’s dope - believe me.
    • Read. Educate yourself. I’m not even saying you should read self-improvement stuff for hours or grind like crazy. Nope. Just read books. Whatever makes you feel great. For 10, 20, 30 minutes. Or more. Just give your brain some work too!
    • Cold showers. Yes, this is really important. Self-love is not all about comfort. It never was. Comfort isnt something you should focus on. Do cold showers to feel great. 30 seconds and more will be helpful. It’s up to you for how long you take them but I think 5 minutes are enough.
    • Avoid toxicity. For example toxic friends, “bros before hoes” type of stuff. Avoid toxic people. If your friend just wants to party and drink - cut him out of your life. How you do it is up to you but believe me - it will be worth it. Parties are cool, I’m no monk to say I dont party it’s just that there are things that are FAR more important than that. You can party every friday - why not. Just remember to have your most important tasks done, to sleep enough after that party and dont consume too much of alcohol. It’s all cool in moderation.
    • Stay positive. Surround yourself with positivity - positive music, movies and books and you will attract positivity into your everyday life.
    Tip: Dont judge yourself. Be real to yourself. If you relapse understand what caused the relapse and try to avoid that thing next time instead of talking down on yourself.

    Negativity only attracts more negativity.

    Believe me friends - love will save us all. We will be alright!
    By the way - nofap is not a sprint - its marathon - so be patient.
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