We are all crazy

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    I have spent my fair share of time with mental patients and they are not so different from regular people, the only difference I see is they create an illusion over the illusion or a dream inside a dream.

    Let's take the example of the schizophrenic arguing with his cat that thinks he must fight with Jesus to save the world. We all see the problem here, he sees and hears unreal things, his brain is messed up.

    Another case is the virgin incel that makes all these false, imaginary ideas about women and attraction. An experienced man with women will know he is confused.

    But what about the single regular guy that believes having a family and being successful will make him happy. The rich and successful man with a family will know this is not entirely true.

    In a sense I'm implying we are all crazy some more than others.

    So when do we stop being crazy? I believe the only way is being spiritual and going beyond appearances, concepts, rational mind, emotions and our own little egotistic mind, until we achieved this we are all crazy.

    What do you think are we all crazy?
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    Good question.

    I've also spent a lot of time with mental patients, not as a physician but as a caretaker helping out with daily stuff. Most people I've worked with usually lack insight of their delusions and that makes you think about what kind of delusions you yourself have about the world that you lack insight of.

    Another similarity between "normal" people and mentally ill people is that both categories are usually very defensive when you question their conception of reality. If you try to argue with the mental patient that the cat is not saying anything about Jesus to him, maybe he might start to think that you're on the bad side or something. Similar with "normal" people, just spend 5 minutes question someones political beliefs, or why not their beliefs about women and love, and it's almost like they start to think that you're evil.
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    Exactly, this is the first teaching you learn when dealing with a clinical diagnosed person as crazy. You don't try to rationalize and explain to him his crazyness, it's pointless. Also he actually hears the cat talking and sees Jesus so it's real to him

    This is a great insight, I've started to notice this too. But you put it beautifully.
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  4. and whrn everyone's crazy, noone will be!
    I think
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    This reminds me the story of a king where all the people of his kingdom drank poisonous water and became crazy except the king that had his own private source of water, they all started to look badly at the king because he was different. The king feeling threatened to lose his kingdom drank the poisonous water and went nuts too. He was king until he died.
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  6. sigma grindset: drink poisonous water
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    I've spent all my adolescence and my early 20s around people with dementia.

    That is a prison, I wish to never experience. You revert to a hellish version of your past self and are haunted constantly. The craziness we are right now, is thinly guarded against, but once your body outpaces your brain, it all goes away and you're haunted by demons.

    If you were a nurse in your 30s, you'll be a demented nurse. Going around your house or nursing home, screaming for a lost patient until you're finally sedated.

    If you were a cop in your 20s, you'll think you're on nightwatch and go around hunting bad guys. You'll see bad guys in the staff and may try and attack.

    And godbless you if you have some sort of trauma in your life, cause that'll be your pergatory.
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    The problems with illusions is that if you get a bunch of people to believe they are realities they do to some extent become a reality. This is what is called a social construction. It's some totally fictional thing- like countries for example (sorry, the United States of America only exists in your mind) that gains some degree of reality just because a bunch of people believe it's so. And because people believe it is so, things that are basically fictions can have real world effects. Millions of people die in war for a fiction called country or nation. The environment is being destroyed and we are driving ourselves into extinction because of a fiction called the economy.

    Money is another example. People are so crazy about money. Real wealth is land and computers and cars and big houses, not the number in your bank account. Money is just a measurement of wealth, like inches are a measurement of length. But people believe money is real and so we have economic depressions and recessions and millions of people suffer. But it's all senseless. It's like you called up your carpenter to ask why he's not working today and he said "Sorry, can't work today, there is a shortage of inches".
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  9. gordie

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    “Better mad with the crowd than sane all alone.”
    Baltasar Gracian
  10. Im not mentally sane at all
    To be honest im insane .
  11. We are not crazy but simply ignorant of the truth. We are all living mentally within the illusionary phenomenal world which is impermanent. Only by turning to spirituality can we unravel this veil. The first step on this path is to get rid of lust. To transcend the always changing qualities of the world and find an eternal balance within. Thats why im here.
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    You can even see it here on NoFap. I noticed in a thread you made where you shared your experiences and insights from them, that a guy got angry, called you arrogant and said that what you were writing is bullshit. I don't know if you've had bad interactions with him earlier or something, but I thought it was a strange reaction to someone sharing his experiences and advice to help other people.

    This also made me think about how I earlier in my life scoffed to the idea of "nofap", while I was engaging in PMO on a daily basis. When I saw someone bring it up, I thought it was ridiculous and almost felt threatened by it and wanted to argue against it. It wasn't until I started to become open-minded and started to question my ingrained beliefs that I could see things more clearly and start to cure my problem.

    So to come back to the question "So when do we stop being crazy?", maybe the moral of the story is that we can avoid being crazy in many contexts by not being so attached to our ideas about the world. To have a more "fluent" mind, instead of a "stiff" mind? Maybe that's what you're trying to say with being spiritual and going beyond or ego, I don't know. But I have certainly learned a lesson that I might have some delusions about the world that I'm not aware of, and that I should keep a more open mind about things.
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    This is a very good point
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    I think , When the mind becomes involved in a particular thought.we will be crazy!
    that situation called vicious circle in computer programming , memory and CPU are occupied without the program returning a result.
    I think Our brain is conquered by a malicious program called Porn. A program with an endless loop of repetition.
    i think other crazy human conquered by a malicious program like money , beautiful woman , luxury cars and other thing that They fantasize about them.
  17. How do you propose people "become spiritual"?

    And also I don't think we are all "crazy." But I think every human being is, in some form or fashion, disillusioned. That may be the word you're looking for.
    There are instances in which an individual just doesn't have the experience, the evidence, the maturity— to come to understanding.

    What I think actually sets people apart is 1) ability to learn and adapt, and 2) their integrity.

    Craziness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
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    That is true.
  19. Quezatolah

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    We're not all crazy, we're just at different levels of understanding.
  20. For sure we all live in our own delusional fantasy of what life is and what's real

    A relationship is a clashing of two unique worlds that simultaneously heal and hurt each other

    I think a relationship worth keeping simply helps you more than it hurts you

    A perfect life would be constant bliss. A perfect relationship would be constant bliss.

    Or would it?
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