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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by anony mous, Dec 12, 2015.

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    First of all, id like to say that in my eyes everyone on this sight is elite. From the person who cannot get past the 1 day streak, to the person on the 200 day streak after hitting rock bottom too many times. Its simple, we are all aware of the problem and we are trying to improve ourselves. Since we are aware of the problem we have more knowledge and knowledge being power we are more powerful than the average Jo just by being on this site. And by trying to better ourselves we are better than our previous selves.Thus we are elite.
    Not only are we elite, we are also saviours. Every member of this site watched porn and is trying not to anymore; every member of this site increased the demand for porn and isnt anymore. The decreased demand, decreases the supply and decreases the amount of people who are enslaved behind the camera. Its like when two countries go to war and one tries to cut off the resource line of the other to win the war. Its what we are doing we are cutting the demand, thus the money from the demonic producers. We are saving the poor " stars" who are getting enslaved. We are also growing by the day, we are getting more media attention so we are decreasing the demand even faster. So when youre on the edge, think about it. Youre better than average, youre better than your previous self and youre saving others. Is it all worth it for 2 minutes of artificial pleasure.
    Im not cocky, im just stating facts derived from logical thinking.
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    Thanks man!! I really appreciated reading this!
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    Well I'm no expert but it's simple economics. Price equilibrium is when demand meets supply. If demand increases or supply decreases price would increase and if demand decreases or supply increases price decreases.
    ( that's why porn is mostly free now so much supply)

    Anyways back to your example,if people ate 100 meat. Then supply is around that range for a reasonable price to be put. Now people eat 30 meat. The supply is still there only the demand changed. So now we have 70 meat that won't be eaten. How to make it sell ?( be more attractive) decrease the price. You keep doing so until a treshold is reached which is usually break even price. After you decrease price to break even and still have a supply surplus you just stop producing the product.

    So in an economic point of view, decreased demand decreases price. I hope I gave a good explanation
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    I'm sure there are some videos about the mechanism ( it's called the invisible hand) on the Internet.
    Check out khan academy they're great
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    Porn is just a drug to get addicted with to keep the mind dumbed down, same as gambling, tv, drugs, alcohol.

    "They" need society dumbed down and in comfort zones fed by dopamine to make PROFIT off our misery of addictions. "They" know how dopamine effects the brain and feeds addiction. Marketers know it, the press know it, porn producers know it, drink makers know it, drug lords know it. We need as part of our recovery, need to KNOW how to fight it at that level.... in the brain chemistry.
    We are so manipulated and influenced by societies "paradise items" that we are just happy, to fap away, inject, drink, watch, surf without a care in the world until we realise that this life is actually harming us mentally and physically.
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    Port will never dissappear the industry will probably get bigger. However let me rephrase my initial post. If there is 100 million people in porn our simple boycott due to trying to better ourself is gonna make the number 100 million minus 1. And that 1 is someone's daughter. It's an added benefit of nofap. So back to my example the demand was for 100 we made it for 99 and that's fine by me
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    What a great message. Thank you very much! :)
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    There is only one thing I hate in My Life, "Watching People have sex and am here Jacking off like Silly Motherfucker." That is being Stupid. The pornstars have sex.
    But there is also one terrible thing, After the pornstars have hard sex, the men Mostly finish by M&O. Have you also observed this. So is there M&O Addiction in porn industry. It is clear that having so much sex like a Fuckin pornstar leads to problems in O.

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