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    Hi,everybody. I'm a guy from china. as you can see ,we also have this shity problem,and most of them are addicted to it without knowing what it will cost. i do wish i could change all of this ,including set myself free .
    Here's some my thoughts after 3 weeks nofap.
    The entertainment you gain from fap is not real happiness,it costs a lot. when you are fapping.you thought you were happy ,but after that you feel blank in your mind .because you get extra entertainment, so you gotta pay for this . see,everything in this universe is equal .It costs you energy,makes you feel sleepy and exhausted,and it will consume your BRAINPOWER,you probably will be tired of everything except FAP.At least, i feel it that way..It also influence your study, and study is a student duty . you feel tired all day ,and it seems that your brain just don't work alright.your memory starting to become like shit,you feel sick about it everyday.If you don't change this situation ,you'll become worse. Trust me ,I've been suffered from this.Does it sounds creepy? yep,but as long as you set your mind to change it,I bet that you would be better than this.
    Just tell yourself you are better than this!

    ps: my english is poor ,there must be some mistakes above, so Please forgive me......

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