We Must Struggle to Succeed: Anticipating Resistance

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  1. Our struggle is necessary. We must have resistance in order to gain strength. Not everyone is able to come to terms with this truth. It is the law of this fire planet, we are here to struggle and experience pain so that we may conquer resistance and propel ourselves forward in evolution. That’s the bottom line. We are here, in physical bodies, to evolve through challenges.

    Overcoming obstacles is one of the most concrete ways we can better ourselves. It is solid and present, not abstract. Without challenges we overcome nothing. Without resistance we do not seek a better reality. Once we find resistance, once a challenge shows itself, we must face it and fight back. Turning around or going around it only sweeps the dirt under the carpet, it is still there waiting to manifest at a later date.

    Do not purposefully seek resistance, just go about your life with this law in mind. Getting what you want will present plenty of challenges, don’t worry about that. However, with this new thought of courage, we can overcome any obstacle in our path. The baseball player doesn’t reach for an incoming ball; they wait until it lands in the glove and they wrap their hand around it, stopping all forward motion.

    The secret to overcoming an obstacle is to not react with emotion. All you must do is breathe. When the struggle comes to fruition just pause and breathe, do not react. What comes from that moment of silence will be the correct way to handle the challenge. What comes is your maturity, your leadership.

    Oftentimes we will face challenges through other people. Anticipate resistance from other people. At some point we will exude health both physically and mentally, so the only natural cause for a struggle is with another person. That is going to happen. Eventually, and you are all starting to experience this, we master our lower nature. We wake up confident, on a streak ready to face the day, our plans are in motion, life is good, what can go wrong? The next lesson will rise to the surface of your life, eventually it must. The evolving does not end, in this world or the next. We must overcome challenges because it is the nature of this planet to present them to us.

    Knowing this—having this information in your soul—you will be able to go through life like writing on water. You will create forms and ripples, but they will immediately dissolve.

    Become the philosopher, stoic and reflecting constantly. Project yourself in your final form: with family, with work, with property and wealth; whatever it is you are seeking, see the final form, complete. When we begin with the end in mind, we only have to live out the remaining days as the object of our desire comes into manifestation. What is driving you? What wakes you up in the morning? It is all just an idea until you physically create it. Have that goal in mind constantly, refine it, and then live it out. Anticipate resistance and charge it head on in a beautiful way. Loving your resistors will disarm them. Empathize and always try to find points of agreement.

    What is exciting is knowing that this will happen. Once you have succeeded in basic mastery and habit forming, you can begin living life in master form. With elegance and grace, flow from scene to scene as the watcher, anticipating the next form coming at you. They have no idea what is about to happen. When resistance comes at you, it does so from emotion. It is a boomerang of something you set in motion long ago. Knowing that life is a product of your own doing can be the very point of liberation. From here on out we blame no one, we know it is us in another form just bringing back what we started.

    As soon as this takes place, start teaching it to others. Look out from your own eyes as the master and teach by example. Love your detractors and they will fall in genuflection upon something they can’t understand, something they didn’t anticipate. But you did. You saw it happen before walking in the door. You were ready and beaming with love. One day the very thought of resistance will excite you. Knowing another chance to improve is right around the corner is an exciting frame of mind. Nothing then can stop you.

    Most are sideswiped when resisted upon. Most never even thought they would be challenged. Be ready for it. Be the master.
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    Hello , I just want you to know that i'm very grateful for your awesome posts , they all affect me one way or another in a very positive way , it have been years since i'm strugling with P and building new healthy habits . Your post " What's greatness " is the reason i'm now 10 days in my journey( it always have been 3 days maximum ) , but it's not about the number of days i'm really happy about , but the way i'm thinking right now , the way i dont feel like it's not even a battle between me and my desires , but it's just about that moment of silence and conscioussness where you resonate with yourself and control yourself , not being a slave but a master of my desires .

    I dont want to make this very long so i just want to say that you're doing a great job , some people may not realise how wise your posts are . You've really put a lifetime wisedom into this short posts . Thank you .

    (Sorry for any english mistakes )
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  3. I appreciate that very much.

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