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    Hey, all. I don't know much about this, but having looked at some data and anecdote, I figure I may give this a go. In short, I'm 34 years old. I have low testosterone levels with very high SHBG holding onto what I do have circulating. I've made bad decisions in life in what I've studied in college, as I didn't commit to or motivate myself into doing anything with my education (creative writing BFA/counseling MA).

    I now find myself at this age as a sort of man-child, scared of having no clear-cut direction in life. I'm a custodian with 170 grand in debt. I'm kind of tired and feeling depression, no doubt a mind-body duality in why I'm de-motivated, feeling like I'm wading through quicksand. I have a plan for what my career path will be now, and I'm looking to get motivated to start taking steps forward.

    I figure I'll need more energy and confidence in getting going down the road with gusto. In the short term, I've decided to go NoFap. I believe I'll still make love with my wife, but from here, I'll try my best to go NoFap. I'll try my best to appreciate and think of my wife only when her and I make love. Other things I must do in the short term:

    1) Get another blood test with a competent endo/urologist who can actually help me and not secretly revel in the fact that I'm ghost-neutered. Then go forward to discuss treatment options for my high SHBG.
    2) Train in a practical martial art again so that I can have a reason for my general fitness I upkeep and a purpose for it. Another purpose in general, along with building confidence.
    3) Log my progress here toward accountability/record-keeping.
    4) Spend more time with myself, I mean MYSELF, in pondering what's going on in the moment and checking to see if my thoughts are rooted in reality. Also, to take up loose forms of neuro-linguistic re-programming.

    So, in short, my name is Eric. It's nice to have started an account. Does anyone have any advice? Which section of the forum is typically dedicated to logging progress? Thank you all, for reading!
  2. Hey Eric,
    Welcome to the NoFap community!
    If you haven't already, take a look at this information on rebooting. I've found it helpful in knowing what to expect.
    Looking at your profile, it seems you were able to find the reboot log section. :)

    The biggest piece of advice I can give is: know your triggers and try to avoid them.
    For example, if you want to PMO every time you're home alone, make sure you are never in your house by yourself.
    That might seem simple, but in a way, NoFap is "simple". I read somewhere on here that all we have to do is "nothing". I know it's more complicated than that, but that idea resonated with me.

    Feel free to message me or anyone else here if you have questions or want to talk.
    Best of luck during your reboot.
    Again, Welcome!
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    We are a society of man-children. Realizing that is a problem is half the battle! HERE are some things helping me.
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    Thank you both for the welcome! And Protagoras, I just got that book last night from a freecycle shelf, among many others. Maybe it's serendipitous. I'll start reading it today. Since I'm home sick from work, this among other things will keep me from any urge to PMO. Thank you both for the links! I've started a log, I'll update it as the need arises. I just updated again today, though generally, I said I'd update weekly.
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