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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by A.W, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. A.W

    A.W Guest

    I am so over this PMO addiction! I have had it for almost 20 years and it is soul destroying.

    I am just so weak to quit this addiction. For almost 3 months I have been trying to reboot and my best streak is 10 days and lately I'm lucky to get to a 3 day streak before relapsing. I have a lot of negative emotions that trigger me off. Lately I just feel like giving up and contining life in my self imposed prison.
  2. winnie_92

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    Just remember, you will be feeling the same for the next 20 years if you don't stop now. 10 days is a great progress for someone who has been hooked for 2 decades. You are expectations are too high at the moment. You need time to build discipline.
  3. Sand island

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    Hey man, I'm in the same boat as you as it relates to the number of years I've been suffering with this addiction. Actually it's been longer than 20 but my point is, there is hope. This site is great and there are lots of people here who are unbelievably supportive. I've made over a month and I feel great. I definiteky Couldnt have did it without this site and all the encouragement here. Just hang in there and read the stories and set yourself some small goals and you'll be excited when you achieve them. You can do this man!! Don't give up on yourself!!
  4. HelioHelix

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    Please don't give up on life man, I really understand what it's like to think that way and I can empathize with you. PMO is just as much of an addiction as hard drugs and just like for hard drug users there are support systems in place for guys like us.

    I'd really suggest trying to find a psychologist you can connect with to help work out the reasons why you're addicted to PMO. It could be something as simple as a set behavior that you need to recondition or a past trauma. For me it was anxiety, specifically social anxiety and I can't say I know your situation but there may be some reason from your past that is causing you to have a hard time breaking free.

    Everyone is different and some people like myself need more help with this than others. I need to do everything in my power to keep myself off PMO, but the thing is I have the support of friends and family as well as my doctors in addition to the great people here on nofap.

    Best of luck man.
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  5. A.W

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    Thanks for the reply guys, I was too embarrassed to read the responses after my OP. I am feeling much better now and am working harder than ever to break the addiction. I have quit smoking, drugs and alcohol in my life, all of which were consumed excessively. PMO addiction I have found to be the most difficult.

    As for past trauma causing PMO addiction is interesting because I have been diagnosed in the past with PTSD and a mental form of OCD, repeated negative thoughts. I'm much better these days but it could definitely all be related.

    Thanks for the support, I am setting my first goal to make it to Xmas day with no PMO, then keep going from there. This will be hard mode as sex is a major trigger for me right now.
  6. heyitshannes

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    Hey man. Relating to your first post, I felt the exact same yesterday. I had 30 days previously, but now I can't seem to make 2 days. The important thing is to never give up. It is possible to beat this. I have read some many success stories and they keep me encouraged.
  7. A.W

    A.W Guest

    Yeah that's good, the success stories really help and the feeling of helplessness definitely passes. 30 days is amazing, you should be really happy with that. Knowing you have done it once, then you know you can do it again!
  8. Karegador

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    We've all been there A.W my best is 30 days and I have not been able to get through a solid week.

    In my case the root problem is that I accidentally discovered a hentai site that lets you read manga porn for free. Keep in mind I have K9 to block porn but somehow this site is not blocked when found in a search and you hit the link. But type it in directly it gets blocked. I've since employed my second level of protection and used Cold Turkey to block it.

    Still the damage is done it is on my brain. So I have to just keep on working at having more will power than my dopamine addicted brain and control myself. I know I can do it and so can you.
  9. heyitshannes

    heyitshannes Fapstronaut

    Karegador, have you tried enabling 'Add to Blacklist without Password' on K9? That was a life saver for me. It adds a little Block button to your browser, and if you hit a questionable site, you just immediately hit that button. Site permanently gone. ^_^

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