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    I've went through a lot this year and i felt like i needed to get this off my chest somehow. I'm not really sure how i was before i began smoking weed if i was already depressed when i started or if i was happy. Its all really a blur. But it was very easy to get into. My brother was probably the main influence and a friend i knew that would always be smoking weed so i thought id just tag along. Masturbation felt great when you smoke so i did it every time i was high. My brother would always have friends come over with huge bongs and naturally i wanted to try them so i would smoke. Its obviously my part for being swayed by it but it was just to easy to get into. I became antisocial and thought the summer i would always lay on the couch doing nothing while smoking on some occasions. It became unmotivated to do anything except smoke. There was time over the summer when i had no money so i didn't smoke and i began trying to motivate myself. I began going outdoors to play soccer and began to run around the neighborhood in order strengthen my lungs. While it did help i could only do so much because i would get high as the THC would burn up and get my high. I began to realize i needed to change. At school i was a mess i was completely antisocial even with my friends it was hard to talk to. My coordination was pretty shit and my grades were shit pretty bad ( i knew i could do better). I had this brain fog looming over me and to this day it still lingers. As time passed i quit smoking and my coordination came back to me as well as my concentration but i' struggling now with something. I was able to regain my social abilities and now have more friends than i would have ever thought i could make. I love school more than ever but now i'm struggling with something new. Masturbation. Up until now i haven't realized how detrimental masturbation could be. I always thought it was just a way to release stress. But now i know its not the case. I know its a drug just like the weed i used to smoke. I'm relatively healthy now i go to the gym 3 times a week and do cardio. But i still struggle with depression and turn to masturbation to help me. But i want to stop and know i need to stop so i need help to keep me from succumbing to my urges. If anyone has something they could say to help me please say so.
  2. Hey! Welcome to the community!

    Masturbation can really lead to an unhappy, lazy and sad life, but there are ways out of it. I consider myself as a depressive person too, I have it in my genetics from my mother. Starting nofap to live a full and happy life wont be easy. Its pretty hard tbh..on the jorney you will feel lonely, isolated, depressed, unmotivated. You will have mood swings and flatlines. I am a pretty big fucking jerk in the first 2 weeks usually. Thats because I relived stress with porn,masturbation,orgasm (PMO) back in the days. Its really hard to let the stress and the lot of shit go when masutbation is such an easy solution..but for our bad, it can cause addiction easily. I really suggest you to be around, read a lot about the topic and experience the real life above the clouds of fapping.

    Stay strong, stay healthy! The grind dont stop!
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  3. I've been here before. Weed and masturbation are a really bad combo, as they both enhance the effects of and need for the other. I'm not personally against marijuana in moderation, but it is definitely something that can easily get out of hand.

    The problem is that they both deplete similar kinds of energy. Masturbation kills your sex drive, which is a big part of your overall social motivation, which is what connects your deepest internal motivations to the rest of the world and makes them relevant to others. Add in weed, and you're killing your awareness of this phenomenon, messing with your ability to focus. Sure, you feel better if it takes your mind off something bad, but what it does is take your mind off everything.

    Smoking weed and masturbating in combination just disconnect you from the world. You're not here anymore if you do that, you're in your physiological state and that's all... you're strapped to the rollercoaster something else is operating.
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    Hey I can relate to your story. I'm a pretty introverted person and my excessive weed and porn abuse made me unable to socialize. Good for you, that you kicked weed out already and have gained a lot of new friends. I mean there's nothing wrong about weed, but when it starts to block you instead of delivering inspiration it's time to change.
    I don't have any advice really, but when you kick porn & masturbation you will see similar effects. For me the effects on my well being after quitting porn & masturbation were even greater than getting rid of my weed addiction. So maybe this is motivation for you.

    Like @Freedom is a state of mind said the first 2 weeks are hard, especially when you're trying for the first time. Maybe try to stay away from very stressful situations in this period of time. But it's totally worth it. I was a emotional wreck before NoFap and now I'm happier than the last 6 or 7 years. It's also very helpful to start a new habit, while getting rid of an old one.
    When you like marihuana you maybe should try meditation. It's also very relaxing and brings you in peace with the world.
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    Dude I had to quit smoking weed when I wanted to get serious with nofap,because I everytime I smoked I would want to masturbate or have sex.... I had made it to a month, then decided to smoke some weed then I ruined my streak and masturbated....I made it to a month and a half the next time, and for my birthday i decided to treat myself and smoke some green, and tried to convince myself that I didnt need to associate with masturbation with weed and i still messed up and relapsed again. This time, no herb whatsoever and Ill see how far I can go. Not everyone,including some friends ive talked about this with, is affected by weed the same but many are. Im also wayyyy less lazy and motivated to keep exercising,meditating,eating healthy,ect when i dont smoke weed. Dude keep doing the exercise, it helps incredibly, but I think the thing that helps me more than anything is the meditation and many on this forum would agree. It helps get you back in control of your cravings,back to where the brain chatter isnt ruling your world. It can be tough if you are new to it, but start slowly. Go for 5 min one day, and do that for a while, then push it for longer and longer. Also eating healthier of course, less/no sugar, caffeine especially, they stress your system and make you crave in general, from more junk food to junky coping mechanisms in general. you got this brotha, keep trying!
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    im going to give it my all. Im trying to aim for at least a month but idk how far i can push. I know ill probably go through some pretty bad withdrawal but im hoping i can push past it
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    Definately always smoked when I would jack off! It was the ultimate escape. I also would dip tobacco at the same time, it was like what I would imagine heroin to feel like. MUCH happier now that I have virtually quit pmo, weed, and tobacco!!!
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    He was definitely a big influence but i was able to contain t it. I only smoked for maybe 3 months but that was enough time to get me hooked. I now suffer from depersonalization (slightly). i don't feel unmotivated though and have alot going for me as of now. Although its kinda sad seeing my brother choose that path were he could potentially fry his brain but thats the path he chose to follow. If your feeling like me i recommend your exercise it helps amazingly.
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