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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by GettingAGrip, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. GettingAGrip

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    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know if marijuana can inhibit/delay recovery?

    I used to smoke almost everyday to help me with stress, anxiety, and migraines but I stopped a few days ago since I started meditating, doing cardio everyday, eating healthier etc.
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  2. rexsuccess

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    Hey man,
    I have no idea what mary j. can or cannot do. How about you make it an experiment? Like you keep doing nofap and also stop using weed. At the end of the 90 days, you can share with the community what you experienced which might help other people using weed and nofap.
  3. GettingAGrip

    GettingAGrip Fapstronaut

    I was thinking about doing that! I'm not gonna smoke anytime soon so in the meantime I will try and document the differences, if any.
    Thanks man
  4. Cannabis is also an aphrodisiac and often decreases self-control, discipline and memory abilities, if being used regularly over a longer time. If people are not even able to keep themselve away from the fridge after smoking, it won´t become easier with PMO. It´s like getting drunk: your control gets undermined and there goes the relapse.
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  5. GettingAGrip

    GettingAGrip Fapstronaut

    I agree, that's basically why I posted. However, relapse is not an option for me anymore.
    Honestly, I just want to smoke a little here and there with my friends for fun. But if it's going to affect recovery in any way, then it's not worth it.
    Thank you!
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  6. Indeed, this is why I am trying to stop drinking. Being drunk leaves you vulnerable to doing things you’ll regret in the morning.
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  7. I don't think getting stoned for minutes on a daily basis is good for your mental development...
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  8. Well done on quitting bro! Keep it up
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  9. relapsed

    relapsed New Fapstronaut

    It will decrease your self-control but other than that, it won't affect your reboot. If you do feel like lighting up, do it at a friend's place or somewhere where you can sleepover so you can't relapse while the THC is still in your system.
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  10. 2dayz_iz_2long

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    I had a massive pot addiction at one stage. I've been clean and sober for over two years and my motivation and confidence has gone up massively as well as my memory since I put the bong down.
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  11. GettingAGrip

    GettingAGrip Fapstronaut

    I can honestly say I'm way over PMO. I just wanted to know if it had any biological or mental affects on the reboot or if it would affect flatline, otherwise I can spark up a little and chill with friends. Thank you!
  12. ILuvWeed

    ILuvWeed Fapstronaut

    Hi man sup!

    I enjoy weed time to time now because I can't focus on things I have to do when I'm high but I love getting high!

    Try smoking only weekends when u have free time in moderation it should be fine! You can buy like 5-6 g just for the weekend and smoke it and just don't buy on Monday. Smoke your stash and don't buy till weekend. This is what I've been doing but for two weeks now I couldn't smoke because I was busy.. If u can't control yourself tho then u need like a 2-3 months abstinence to clear your mind and try smoking weekends then! If u see that u really have no control over it and just getting high again everyday then just quit it or be a famous rapper or something.
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  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA :) Have a listen to this guy ;)
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  14. I dunno Jamie Marijuana is pretty hardcore
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  15. I am 29 .. watching porn since I was 12 .
    Never new I was addicted .. never heard of nofap.. just going on..
    I tried to stop this and believe me you can hold it for a week.. but when weekend comes .. it's all back and you'll think it's ok to stop for 5 days and I'll watch now and get satisfaction and then from tomorrow onwards I'll try for two weeks..
    Well tomorrow is Sunday .. you'll do it again thinking you'll start from Monday..
    In next week you'll do on thursday by accident and then you'll think ooooppss .. ok.now it's done so I'll again start from Monday and the you'll watch and satisfy yourself on Friday Saturday and Sunday.

    Now on Monday you'll think ohh I'll start from 1st of next month it's only 4 days away and swearing this time..

    And it's all going to repeat and I'm next month you'll block some websites .. then stop watching youtube for some time and this sort of things you'll do whole year.

    Trust me.
    I found that two year ago that there is something not proper while having sex with my gf..

    And after that two years i kept giving excuses that I'll stop from today fromMonday from next month and many more.

    Now it's been 20 days and I have stoppedit all. Nothing at all.. and now I don't imagine sex at my office.. I don't imagine sex in bus... I don't imagine sex whilecommuting..

    The secret is..
    I started reading a novel. It doesn't give me time to think anything else. I come from office at 5 and get into that novel and I read it till 8 .. have dinner and again back to it.. call my friends on phone for time pass... Then back to novel.. sleep at 1am and wake up at 7 am .. back to novel.. I don't watch TV.. I don't watch movies on laptop.. infact I haven't opened laptop in days.. I read on Kindle so there is no option of just googling stuff and distraction by anything..

    I chose a novel..
    The mistborn triology..
    It has 3 books in series.. and then three more book series .. and then 2 books as prequel..
    Total 8 books..
    I have reached on 3rd in 20 days..
    By the time I complete 8.. 90 days will be passed..

    Also the book.is great..

    My suggestion: reading is excellent habit. Select some book with long series and get yourself involved into... Also this book has no porn or sex stuff so you'll not reach down your trouser while reading it.

    It helped me a lot and I already see changes in my routine..
    I need less sleep.
    I am attentive at office .. I feel a new energy in myself..

    Try it out.

    I might not have explained in some attractive fashion and with good vocabulary.. but trust me it has helped me ..
    And surely will help.you.
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  16. Addicted98

    Addicted98 Fapstronaut

    that guy got me too lol best verdver today. like vandermeer said it's an aphrodisiac and makes you have less control. I love this experiment idea except I would like to try the opposite I would like to keep smoking but with nofap for 90 days. I use weed for my scoliosis and it really takes a toll on me when I don't use it because I work out and work throughout the week. I feel like relapsed is right tho he said weed didn't affect his reboot. We both could be the two people that really test it. I'm determined to not jerk off because I had no idea you could cause nerve damage by doing it excessively. Otherwise I would've really stopped if I knew I could really have pied the desire for porn diminished but my desire for women hasn't. I would like to be the deciding factor for the weed smokers. I do dabs and edibles on special occasions. The only sort of relapse I will allow myself will be with real sex but only after the 1st 30 days of no masturbation so my brain has a month to rewire my sex drive. Do you guys all support this?
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