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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by mcp8419, Mar 25, 2019.

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    This may sound unusual, but I have developed masturbation techniques that involve sex toys and wigs and cannot just use my hand because it feels harsh and ordinary.

    While viewing certain types of porn, if it's an oral scene I would attach hair extensions or a small wig to a sex toy stroker and the feeling the hair gives me as it brushes against my legs and balls is amazing to the point I rely on this technique a lot to get me off. I also use a prostate massager especially when viewing femdom porn.

    I also prefer women in stockings and I like to wear tight clothing such as stockings because I like the feeling of material and tightness replicates the hot porn actress I am watching.

    So I have developed this technique of masturbation for over 10 years now and it's really difficult to just use my hand anymore. I have thrown all sex toys and fetish clothing away only to give in and buy them again.

    I know this thread is mainly to go with 'risky' masturbation but how can I stop this for good without relying on sex toys and other material?
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    It happens a lot. To me also! Im not so proud of my werid techniques that OBVIOUSLY come from PMO. At times when i abstain from porn for a long time i dont have any urges to give in to thease things. But after watching porn again, my old thoughts come up and its difficult to resist! You are not alone in this fight :)
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    Well, your brain wants more dompamie. In my heaviewst porn addiction i couldn't MB ( i could but it wasn't what i wanted it to be ) without streshing my ass. So my ass was often verry streshed and loose
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  4. I advise to stay a while without masturbation and without sex, so that your body misses the natural sexual stimulation, without accessories. Perservere in the reboot until recovering the sensitivity of his penis.
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    Yeah it sounds like hard mode will help... no PMO... I'm on week 2 of no porn or porn substitutes tho so my expertise is limited lol
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