Weird signs says your alpha male.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jack1211, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Jack1211

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    1- you are confident to a dgree that even if someone curse you or call you names in the street you will not react at all.

    2- your being yourself and not acting like someone alse and not copying other people's personality even if they are great historical figures.

    3- you have your own special time, whether it was workout time, meditation time, tv time, pleasure time. Just have your own shit.

    4- you are not so selfish but yet you do care about your own advancement a lot more than caring about people's needs which is a trait that leaders and alpha males have, again this doesn't neccery means that you should be a scumbag you should care about your loved once but at the same time focus on your advancement more than caring about others and you will become succesful.

    5- you do care about your health and your diet.

    7- you have the ability control your fears and emotions. And focus on moving a head in your life.

    8- you don't have friends but you could be social with random people and have random conversations.

    9- you have charisma and could influnce other people.

    10- you laugh loudly in the worst situations. Like when facing a bully or a dangerous criminal that threaten you.

    11- you have the urge to bully others (negative trait)

  2. Minsc

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    #4: If this means that while an alpha cares about others and he or she knows they can't do the work of and live the life of others for them, then awesome.

    Modify #8 to having a tight handful of close friends.

    Modify #11 to not giving in to the urge to bully. It's all about how one handles the urge to bully.

    My three cents.
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  3. Jack1211

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    Thats right buddy :emoji_thumbsup:%
  4. fredisthebes

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    I'm starting to feel that being an 'alpha male' is more about how other people treat you, than how you act yourself.

    You are the first person that people turn to for advice, even if it is not your area of expertise.

    Not everybody likes you, but everybody respects you.

    Everyone turns to listen to you when you have something to say, you don't have to raise your voice to have the attention of the room.

    Etc. etc. Keep grafting and keep improving yourself and you will be noticed and treated like the alpha male you deserve to be. Be wary about acting like the alpha male before you are ready.
  5. lolos

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    1 weird sign that you may be a beta male:

    Writing a list for signs that you might be an alpha male.
  6. Infrasapiens

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    Your constant posts about being manly this and testosterone that only shows how weak and insecure you really are.

  7. Spartan Warrior

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    I can relate with some of the point.Especially 2,3,5.
  8. grungeisinfinite

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    #12 You type "your" instead of "you're". That's alpha as fuck, buddy.
  9. onceaking

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    Yeah, so alpha male! Education is for beta males!
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    But Jack1211, it is actually alpha! You didn't gave a crap about grammar, and that's alpha as hell. I can feel testosterone in my blood, I just feel your alpha through my PC screen. Dude, that is just nuts! Like, alpha as fuck dude!
  11. Asgardian36

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    except 8,10,11.....i like all the points...good post!
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