Weird Thing Happen this Morning.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ruses, Mar 4, 2019.

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    Going on 6 days strong and i wake up today, and i feel some liquid type stuff in my underwear and didn't think much of it, got up a little later went to the bathroom and see that it wasn't any type of liquid it was semen. Matter afact i still had a little semen in my penis when i urinated. I thought to myself i guess it was just a wet dream. Went along with my day until 20 mins ago i remembered what it was that made me release semen it was a dream of me sucking my own dick. Is this Normal? i found it kind of weird that i had a wet dream of myself sucking my own penis.
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    Gonna be reeeeeeeeeeal careful answering this one.

    Sucking your own dick is a pretty gay thing to do if you actually enjoy it (not implying gay is wrong so RIP homo's), at least imo. But I believe it's a thought that's crossed most guys' minds at some point in their life. Just sheer curiosity. Whether or not they have acted and been successful in the matter is something I cannot guess on.

    But i have done it out of curiousity irl... and succeeded. I went all out, right up till the climax and after that, the interest just died.

    Speaking as a teenage heterosexual guy with practical experience in the matter, auto-fellatio (sounds like a French Watch brand, eh?) is IMO:
    • Too much effort for something I can just do with my hand.
    • Too much preparation (I took a bath and brushed my teeth before doing it, even though I'd done both deeds that morning anyway. I'm just strict about hygiene) for something that can be done in 5 mins (i don't edge) otherwise and is actually supposed to relieve you.
    • Far too distasteful. ( [My?] Dick tastes like smooth skin. Nothing special. And I found semen to be far too revolting to even leave in my mouth for 5 seconds and nearly retched.)
    • Too gay. I don't mind gay people but I seriously mind it when i'm exposed to gay behaviour. Sucking off myself was a (retarded) voluntary form of self-exposure and I hated it the minute I regained my senses.
    I understand that you're just dreaming about this but I thought I'd let you know what it feels like in practice in case you think about attempting it. It's pointless, derogatory (imo) and just too much effort. And ofc, it goes without saying, but I've never wanted to try it again. And I say that with a definite resolution because it's been ~1 year since that day.

    I personally don't really regret it because it's just me being a stupid, hormone-high teen being degenerate (a girl had urged me to try it; that's what sparked the whole curiousity effect, etc.) and it's not like I harmed myself or anyone else.
    All the same, I hate that experience but it makes for a rather hilarious topic with (really) close friends. I won't ever do it again though and it's pretty taboo for me. This was the one sexually deviant act I performed and that's honestly enough experience to last me a lifetime.

    So i hope that puts your mind at rest. This message came from a straight guy with experience and you're just a straight guy with a wierd dream.

    Relax and move on.
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    Just do your best
    don't fail this test
    don't break your spine
    and you'll be fine!
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    It was just a dream....u should be fine just don't indulge in it..
  5. Ruses

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    i tried it once when i was super young and never thought about it since so it was strange to see that pop up in my mind
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    I had a dream like that too but never tried it, must be in ur sunconcsuous

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