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    Good evening i started to notice very weird things happening to me lately, the first one happened to me at grocery store i was looking streight in the eyes of the cashier and she got embarresed and she started giggling in a very weird way, and no she wasn't sarcastic when she did it i personaly could read people minds and i could tell you that she was... I don't know how to descripe this...i think she was Attracted to me but at the same time afraid of me?? Anyway the second weird thing that happend to me is today at *bndah store* (the saudi version of walmart grocery store) i walked across a couple and when the boyfriend saw me he directly put his arm on his girlfriend's shoulders and pulled her so fast to his side, it was really weird, he was in a defence position and afraid and jealous and thinking that i will steal his girlfriend, i know i sound like a total savage when i write something like this but its just so real! And at the same time i know that i am so handsome and attractive but i don't look that handsome combared to a lot of men , i swear i never exeprinced such a situation before. Its so weird to a dgree that i am thinking a lot about it and asking myself wtf is happening to people exactly? What the thing that they see diffrent about me? Is it some type of magic/spiritual powers? I personaly think so.

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