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    Realizing that the forums were a bit of a mess and deciding that we needed more reinforcements to upkeep the forum and keep it awesome, we decided last week to open up applications again for new moderators. A ton of great people put in applications, and now we're ready to introduce the new moderators!

    Everybody, please welcome @TheWife, the newest member of NoFap's moderation team!

    This is the first moderator announcement of several. We'll be working to bring the other moderators on board this week and the following. If you missed the applications announcement and still want to volunteer, applications are still open.

    Thank you to the current moderation team, @giggleshmack and @NoBrainer, for your tireless work to keep NoFap awesome. We can't thank you enough for all you have done.

    And thank you @TheWife for volunteering your time. We really can't do what we do without people like you.
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    Moderation is indeed needed to these forums, congrats and good luck.
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    I am very happy you are joining the mod team @TheWife

    You will definitely make your mark.
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    So happy to work with you, @TheWife. Thank you so much for your eagerness to help others.

    Thank you to everyone who expressed interest! We're combing through, and bringing people on a rolling basis over the next... while. Training takes significant time, so we are bringing people on only one at a time. Some people expressed interest who I think might be best to volunteer in other capacities, and I'll be reaching out to these people individually. Thanks again for the willingness to invest time into making NoFap the best site possible.
  6. Congratulations! How wonderful, I have seen your presence around these parts, what an amazing user to have as a mod :)!

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