Well done Brexiters..... Thanks for wrecking the future!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Daviesmark1, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Hey, steady on. I don't like Johnson and Farage any more than I do Cameron and Osborne!
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    In other words, you reckon that those without a university degree are uneducated! That is a snobby and elitist view isn't it?

    Of course, that flies in the view of the OP that "uneducated" mid-teens would overwhelmingly vote to remain.
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    I meant if people in general like them. Not specifically you:cool:
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    No, I wrote 3 categories and mid-teens belong to the young category not educated one.
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    But you stand by the fact that that those without a university degree are uneducated do you?
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    Here you can see a comparison between the referendum results and the mad cow disease outbreak in 1992. Found this on Facebook. I don't know if it's true. It looks like someone just took the picture and turned it black and white. Hilarious, anyway:
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    @Headspace - that is genius! Hahaha! :D
  8. How has Brexit wrecked you future? Have you experienced any negative consequences as a result of the vote? No? Then this is just a mental perception you have, it might not be true. Just try to relax and accept what has happened. Once you are able to accept it without the need to personally define it (or how it will affect you), you will find that it does not matter much any more.

    I find it very interesting that Brexit is all over the news even on this side of the Atlantic. I can't remember a time when Americans paid so much attention to what happened in the UK, except maybe perhaps in the 60's when the Beatles were still going.

    Also, there goes my hope for a North American Union, lol. I suppose if Europe can't pull it off, North America wouldn't be able to either.
  9. Young, educated and open minded people with vision for better future.
    Old, uneducated, close minded people who are stuck in the past and afraid of change.
    Or maybe...
    Young, naive, easily impressionable people.
    Old and wise people who can see through lies and charade of politicians.

    I am not from UK myself, but I am European. The union gives many benefits for my county with almost no downsides. But UK is a different beast. Some things may suck for a while until people get used to them. And economy will have a slight short/mid term hit. But I do believe that in long term it will be the best for UK. Even tho I am still kinda sad to see the popular kid in school that was liked by everybody to transfer and move on, so to speak.

    I don't know whether that educated vs uneducated, young vs old thing is true or not. But I sure as hell don't trust it. It seems to me just as another campaign trick. One think I do know for sure, young people are very easy to manipulate. We are very easy impressionable. Older people still are of course, but not so much tho. Plus generally they are more into politics so I would guess maybe even more educated on these issues than people of my age.
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    As Pink Floyd opined re: politicians:-
    Did they expect us to treat them with any respect?

    These lyrics by Genesis also seem apropos:-
    This is the time, this is the place
    So we look for the future
    But there's not much love to go round
    Tell me why, this is a land of confusion

    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we're given
    Use them and let's start trying
    To make it a place worth living in
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    Hmm, you are older than you look! :rolleyes:
  12. @Daviesmark1

    Maybe you should learn about democracy, dude...

    I mean, in Austria they had a direct vote for president and the president won by 16k votes (correspondence votes)

    And nobody is asking for another round...

    Remember, winners don't cry out when the other side plays the game.


    I would also suggest to watch the other side's opinion. I mean conservatives made your country rich. It was not socialists, it was not communists.

    I can tell you that we had communists for more than 40 years here and it took a terrible toll on people's moral.

    Do not be like my 50 years old German Friend (living in Wales) who is b*tching about Brexit all the time. When you ask her about if she knows the opinions of other side, she just respond "No, I do not have to. They are idi*ts and they are just wrong".

    The older people in your country, they remember how Britain used to be. They have the life experience. I doubt they would like to hurt people like yourself or to their kids or grandchildren.

    You seem like a smart person but person in pain.

    It may help you to try to understand the reasons, if so, have a look on:

    1. PragerU channel on Youtube. (General Channel about Different Topics from Conservative point of view)

    2. Stefan Molyneux on Youtube. (Conservative Channel on politics, Society, Feminism etc...)

    I used to live in Britain (Chester and Newcastle for 3 years).

    I am sure that you will be just fine.
    Regards from Prague, Czech Rep.

  13. Indeed ;)
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    It seems as though suddenly less educated citizens are less entitled to their opinion as educated citizens. That's a shame.

    I'm not informed enough on this issue to spout off an opinion, but I am generally opposed to unions and people who play the stupid and racist cards.
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    Well at least some of you are still sane. I have pity with those who were against the exit. Now nothing stands between England and Americas lobbyists. Best thing to do is switch to Scotland if they manage to independently stay in the Eu
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    There are many arguments to be made pro or con, but, I'm sorry, this is kind of dumb. People in their 80s and 90s made incredible sacrifices during World War II, and those decisions affected your future. Do you object? Those 70+ year olds made a lot of sacrifices in the years following World War II, that likewise decided your future for you. Are you complaining about that? And so it goes, down to the present. That's life! You will likewise make decisions that will affect those that come after you. You do the best you can, same as those before you did.

    The vote cutoff is arbitrary, but if it had been 16, then those 15 and 11 months would likewise complain.
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    Highly worrying times in my opinion, people may not see the significance of Brexit but seeing as it was largely spear headed by UKIP (right wing masquerading as somewhere in between) and of course the rise of Trump, who looks set to win the next election...
    We're in for some major upsets. The sad thing is there are no strong opponents to Trump or potentially Nigel Farrage (and you laugh at the idea of him getting into power, just like you all used to laugh at the idea of Trump being a major contender) to contest these punks.

    These political fruitcakes always happen to be adept orators and masters of persuasion, I guess that comes with sociopathic delusional tendencies - but this wins votes.
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    So far Brexit has done Absolutely Nothing the pound and stock drop are caused by panic nothing else.
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    My perception is that the EU is a piece of crap, and that the UK was one of the stronger partners in that deal. Therefore, the UK will be better off keeping their own sovereignty. They probably didn't get much out of being in the EU.

    Also in terms of educated vs uneducated, the point is that everyone gets 1 vote, which is real democracy. It can be annoying at times, but it's also where the beauty is.

    Edit: By the way, I (American) lost every penny of earnings in my IRA due to this vote, but I don't think they should care about economic repercussions on foreigners. This is a battle for their own sovereignty; to hell with the consequences abroad. Put your own country first. This globalist sentiment has to be moderated.
  20. tweeby

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    Honestly, I thought the same, Trump is just a xenophobic buffoon, now look at him. It would be dangerous to underestimate this guy. IMO there's too much going wrong, now would not be a good time for the USA to champion another milestone, like a woman getting into office. People are still reeling at the first black dude to get into the White House (not racist btw I'm asian.) Additionally, Hilary's campaign is somewhat of a joke, she lacks authority, she claims to be an outsider when she's been in the white house for years.

    And most importantly she comes across as a politician, which people are tired of. This is where Trump's candid style comes into play. In fact the more you study his ascendency the more you realise this guy is a master in his craft.

    Just wish there was some other contender who was straight talking,demonstrating good leader characteristics, but had good overall intentions.

    The way I see it, Farage will get into 10 Downing Street, Trump in the white house and Putin still in the Russian Kremlin . With an overwhelming right wing leadership there will be no one to keep the peace and govern with sanity and rationale. Put simply, worrying times. I wish I'm wrong.
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