Well done Brexiters..... Thanks for wrecking the future!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Daviesmark1, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Meet the new boss,
    The same as the old boss...
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    Honestly, I thought the same, Trump is just a xenophobic buffoon, now look at him. It would be dangerous to underestimate this guy. IMO there's too much going wrong, now would not be a good time for the USA to champion another milestone, like a woman getting into office. People are still reeling at the first black dude to get into the White House (not racist btw I'm asian.) Additionally, Hilary's campaign is somewhat of a joke, she lacks authority, she claims to be an outsider when she's been in the white house for years.

    And most importantly she comes across as a politician, which people are tired of. This is where Trump's candid style comes into play. In fact the more you study his ascendency the more you realise this guy is a master in his craft.

    Just wish there was some other contender who was straight talking,demonstrating good leader characteristics, but had good overall intentions.

    The way I see it, Farage will get into 10 Downing Street, Trump in the white house and Putin still in the Russian Kremlin . With an overwhelming right wing leadership there will be no one to keep the peace and govern with sanity and rationale. Put simply, worrying times. I wish I'm wrong.
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    Well, maybe you're right, though I still find the polls the most convincing argument. Anyway, let's hope you're wrong indeed ;) Take care
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    Edit: Never mind. Would rather not get into a political fight right now.
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    Difficult to know what to make of a thread that essentially calls you a moron for voting leave. Yes, I voted leave. I'm also of the generation that is supposedly for remaining. The EU is a bloated mess. The biggest mistake this project made in my opinion was prematurely adding the eastern bloc countries. If it had just been a union as it was, between the member states up until 1995-6, I don't believe we'd have had the referendum. It outgrew itself too fast. If you're against big government, you voted leave. That's why I voted leave and am happy with the result. Call me a moron, all you want.
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    @tweeby you are commenting on the presidential campaign in America, which is not the discussion in this thread. :rolleyes:
    Well you are wrong. Nigel Farage is not even a member of parliament (MP). So, he cannot become the Prime Minister. :rolleyes:
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    Pigs will fly before Farage ever becomes prime minister. It won't ever happen. They have on mp! UKIP will continue to take labour and tory votes, but the best they will manage is a handful of mps, never enough in our lifetime for them to get a majority and see Farage as PM. Farage is likely to stand down soon enough anyway. UKIP need a new leader and it'll be Steven Wolfe, I'd imagine.
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    Beginning to wonder if some good might eventually come out of this mess.

    The labour party could easily split now. We could see a more old school / quasi marxist party led by Corbyn, and a new centre left faction which could merge with what's left of the libdems.

    The conservatives are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, and Boris's last minute jitters is good evidence of this. I actually think UKIP will continue to abstract votes from them, particularly when right wing voters realise that we will continue to incur all the same costs for access to the single market but without having a voice at the table.

    One scenario is that we end up with several smaller parties who can only form a government in coalition, which might mean that a more representative electoral system (i.e. proportional representation) is required. Much as I dislike everything that UKIP stands for, it is unacceptable and undemocratic that 3.9 million people can vote for a party in an national election and end up with just one MP.

    Nothing has been done about this because it's UKIP and they are nuts. Watch what happens if a former mainstream party suffers the same fate.

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    These are certainly interesting times. Interesting to see what'll happen with Labour now. The Bliarite purge is here and the majority of the member and activists are for that. Next Wednesday is the key date..it's Chilcott report day. The reason they wanted Corbyn out, many speculate.
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    Last week I was at a concert (NL) where Bach's Hohe Messe was performed. Before it started, the maestro said something like this: "the Kyrie, this week, is dedicated to all British people mourning Brexit. The Gloria, on the other hand, is dedicated to all those celebrating Brexit. They will come together again in the Credo" :rolleyes:
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