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    Well i’ll get to the topic, i am 20 years old guy who got hooked by porn at the age of 14 and after 6 years of watching porn (i have OCD dunno but feels like it is why i posted this whole thread ), i was going on a 96 days streak but i relapsed don’t ask me how or why it just happened and i kept on relapsing for 6-7 weeks, so now i this shit is fcking up my mind again feels like im in a war insidemyself that i hate this but it is lust i can’t stop it but some how i can control it, but thats not important the most important thing is that my OCD keeps comin to me saying “you know what you have foot fetish” mean while i find it so disgusting i don’t evenwatch it but what happened today was different i felt like i need to stop this feeling and prove to myself that it isnot me it is the OCD so i ended up searching “foot fetish stuff” ( thereason why i did that is bc i keep getting obsessions about this stuff bc of ocd mean while im not into this stuff at all) and i didn’t get a boner it felt like you know ..” D got a very very little bit larger but not erection at all, the size almost didn’t change it is like blood flowed or something dunno” so im a bit confused about that if any one can help me with scientificinformation that says why that happened and was that normal or not, and after that i opened normal porn i got a really hard boner really big difference. So i wanted to know was that normal or not and why
    I hope you guys can help me and thanks
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