Well, what the F is THIS?

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  1. Today I had a workout. Good one, I'd say. Coming back after having 2 rest days because of a fight.
    As I was finishing my workout with an abs excercise where I was holding kettlebell in my head and while laying on the floor swinging legs - there was something in front of my eyes. Like, steam.. Not even steam - more like smoke. At first I thought it was because of candle that was nearby, but soon realized - it wasn't because of it.
    I kept on doing my thing and once again - smoke! In front of my eyes. When I moved my head around and started looking other way - it was gone. As soon as I was just looking straight into ceiling - smoke appeared again. No smell, no taste - nothing. Just smoke.
    Has anyone experienced something similar to this?
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  2. brilliantidiot

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    Sounds like you need to focus on breathing more. I've never had this but I see stars all the time when I forget to breathe while doing a set. Exhale on the way up and inhale on the way down.
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  3. TeresaPond

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    Most likely it's from fatigue. It happens. You just need to take a few deep breaths.
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  4. I felt kind of good tho. I mean, my head did hurt because I got punched in face like 2 days prior, but I didn't feel too bad. I guess I should focus more on proper breathing.
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  5. PanteriMauzer

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    Yeah i know what that his , i also have that time to time specially when i start fighting, my view was absolutely blurred with smoke or fog , fortunally when i rest, it goes well again and after some months i never had it again because i was used to the intensity of the training

    I also have flies and that is different that is a degenerancy om your vitrium , i also have that, its not a very dangerous thing ,its quite harmfull and it dissapears over time , just be vigiliant
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  6. thinking_differently

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    No floaters? Could be tiny floaters? Idk
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