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  1. Jman123

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    So I have good porn blockers...but I discovered some p still slips through the block. At any rate I am going to have to power through the temptations to look at the p that I can see. It will be difficult but I will do it. I will do it because i want freedom.
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  2. John MccRaty

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    When will you people understand? Treating yourselves like babies will only reinforce the addiction! With enough determination the best filter in the world can be bypassed.
  3. Ol' What's-His-Face

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    I've used blockers for a while. They're not perfect, and they probably won't ever be. If you find a way through, block it for next time. For what it's worth, the best I've found is Net Nanny.

    A blocker can't replace willpower and self-discipline - it can only compliment them. If it takes ten minutes to find your way through a blocker, that's ten minutes to reconsider what you're doing, and maybe go for a walk instead.

    If you get injured and your leg alone isn't enough to hold you up, you use a crutch until you can walk without it. If you're addicted to porn, and your willpower alone isn't enough to keep you off of it (which is, basically, what addiction means), you use blockers until you can use the internet without them.
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