Went 9 Days then failed this morning.

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  1. I'm trying to do no PMO. I have a very difficult time going over a week.

    I lost my ability to have orgasms, and I developed urinary problems and there's a constant pain at the base of my penis. I'm feeling pretty depressed, because I just want everything to go back to normal, but it all feels hopeless.

    I went to the doctor numerous times. He keeps telling me that it's just anxiety, even though the anxiety started after things started going wrong.

    I know it's a weird, unfocused rant. But I just feel really depressed. I went 9 days, that's already a nice chunk of the way to the 90 day goal. It sucks having to start all over.
  2. Jarom

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    Just keep pushing yourself, often times in life our worries are our greatest stumbling block. Nine days is quite an achievement, and if you can go that long then I know you can go longer. If you feel stretched or cannot handle the urges shoot me a message. One reason I feel that I keep stumbling with pmo and masturbation is, I do not have a support system. If you need a little encouragement just reach out someone will always reach their hand out to lift you up.
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  3. My biggest thing is the fact that I can't orgasm at all. I don't feel any sexual stimulation at all. I do it, it happens, my body reacts and jerks, but I don't feel any of that tingling, or that rush to your brain. I want that back, and I'm scared that it'll never come back.

    Like, what if I go all this time and nothing changes? One day everything was fine, and the next, it was gone.
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    You know what you have to do. Quit PMO. It will be difficult; even painful.
    Like a baby learning to walk, you need to get right back up and give it another try. Nobody thinks that the baby is bad for failing to walk right away, and everyone is hoping that he/she will not only be able to walk, but even run with joy.
    You are not alone. Good luck.
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  5. Jarom

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    One thing I can assure you of is that it will come back. My father is a nurse and told me of a young man with a similar problem. He told this young man that his body had been overstimulated and needed to heal. Take a breath and give your mind and body the time, love, and nutrition to heal.
  6. I hope you're right. I failed again today. It sucks having to start again from zero.
  7. Gabriel Ulloa

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    Man, Only keep going to reach your goals...
  8. 9
    9 days is a great start.
  9. SuperFan

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    What avenue did you use to look at porn? I find--especially in the early stages--that it's absolutely crucial to lock down your devices so you don't even have access to porn, even if you desperately want to look at it. Right now, my phone is 100% secured (see my signature for how to do it if you're an iPhone user), and my computer has filters and accountability software. So even if I tried to look for porn, not only would it block me from viewing it, but my accountability partners would get an e-mail, and I'd have to talk to them about why I tried going to a particular site. It's a huge deterrent for me.

    Without those safeguards, I would never get more than 3-4 days, tops.
  10. John Thanh

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    i had reached 12 days and relapsed. I'll restart my nofap journey
  11. nomju

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    Looks like a lot of people relapsed on the weekend.

    Reinforces how I feel about how important it is to get out of the house (though I'm not suggesting that was the cause for everybody).
  12. Jarom

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    I know that feeling I have been there before. I am getting near that point now. It is actually the reason I came on tonight, to help redirect my thoughts and inhibitions. Just know that you have support, and that everyone hear is pulling for your success.
  13. I used websites, and sometimes Instagram. I had some videos/gifs downloaded onto my computer too, but basically all of that was moved to a hard drive and locked away.

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