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    My constipation has started to get better the past couple of days, I have gone a little bit a couple of times. I will start to try and monitor my fiber. After the bowel movement yesterday, I was able to urinate with a much greater force than I have been able to in the past little while. I am not convinced that constipation is the root cause of my problems due to the correlation I’ve seen with ejaculation. I am more convinced that my inflamed prostate contributed to my constipation which then exacerbates the prostatitis symptoms due to increased pressure. Has anyone heard of any cases where the prostate was able to adjust to the less frequency of ejaculation? Western medicine says you need to ejaculate once every two weeks to expel what’s causing the inflammation but eastern TCM says abstinence and rest is what the prostate needs. So confusing and conflicting...
  2. Maybe you can google the prostastis support forum and see what they say?
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    Western is more reliable, eastern is mixed up with religious mumbo jumbo.

    The urologist in the link i just posted warned men should be releasing every two weeks, it seems to be a common concept between them.

    The full benefits of semen retention can be felt with fortnightly ejaculations
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    Hey Guy, any update on your constipation? Mine has been horrible the last couple of weeks, seems to be getting worse. I am trying softeners and glycerin suppositories but nothing is really working.
  5. Dumb question. Do you guys measure you're daily fibre intake?
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    @HumanBob You do realize that you have the option to keep your trap shut. right? i'll not go any further.

    @Drummer1989 Yea so i've been lookin around for past few days and relapsed quite a lot :D it's definitely a withdrawal symptom + your Urine issue as well. We've trained ourselves for years to this thing, it'll take time. I went to 'Cigarette Withdrawal forums' and guess what they too were 'Constipated' and some (a very few) had urine issues as well !! Just try not to stress yourself with words like 'IBS', 'Prostatitis'. You're fine :)
    1. Do you workout? you definitely should. it releases trapped gases, plus it relieves peeing issue to quite an extent for sometime (at least for me).
    2. On days when it's out of control, you can take 'Laxoberon' or Durcolax. (And no, your gut won't develop dependency. I take them occasionally).
    PS: it's not diet/fibre/water intake/Sedentary related. Treat it like a withdrawal symptom. there's nothing wrong with your body or diet. You're just readjusting your 'mind'.

    (At least, that's what i fee like. Unlike some others who try to impose their version of things universally). Thanks. Best of luck. Do update or urinary issue.
  7. Lol. I'll rephrase my post. I am asking a dumb question. Do you guys measure you're daily fibre intake?

    "Dumb question" is an English figure of speech. I.e. maybe it has already been asked an answered. Or, I assume they already know they need to ensure they're getting enough fibre, thereby making my question dumb.
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    I think when someone has never had bowel or urine problems in their entire life, then issues arise after just a few weeks of abstinence and you are certain in your own mind that its nofap related then it gets frustrating when people start asking about 'fibre intake'. With that said its clear you mean well. I faced the same frustration when my prostate pain would start up after a month's abstinence and would immediately settle after an ejaculation, people claiming it was either coincidence or psychosomatic. Its annoying.

    A journalist recently took part in nofap properly, he took tests before he embarked on the journey and during.

    On day 60 the doctor ordered an immediate ejaculation as his prostate marker had shot right up into prostate cancer territory, after one ejaculation it went back down to normal.

    He concluded along with his doctor that abstaining more than 10 days is pointless as no more changes occur other than causing potential issues. I think he got a ticking off from his doctor as well for trying something so stupid.

    Im not saying i agree.
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  9. Drummer1989

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    @Guysavi @HumanBob @steveo2312,

    Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while. My problems have still been persisting, even the constipation. A couple days after my last post about the constipation, I went to urgent care and had an x-ray done, no pun intended I was full of shit. Dr told me to take magnesium citrate and if that didn’t work to go to the doctor. Luckily that stuff worked like a charm and man was that an experience. But here I am three weeks later, still fighting the constipation. Today, a large mass/lump has appeared in my lower left abdomen out of nowhere (it appeared very suddenly). I think this is a large mass of stool working its way down.
    Along with those symptoms I have still been having all of the others.
    1) low back pain
    2) prostatitis symptoms,
    3) occasional numb/tingling penis
    4) anxiety
    And some others.

    I went back to my urologist and he examined my prostate with his finger and said it felt fine and was actually on the smaller side, but not sure I trust a mans size judgement when literally all he feels all day is older men with enlarged ones but st least I know it’s not enlarging early.
    The penis numbing has been freaking me out a bit lately as it seems to come with the back pain which also comes with tingling sensation down my right leg. I have an appointment with an orthopedic tomorrow morning to check on my lower back and make sure there are no spinal disc issues that could be compressing some nerves. Needless to say I have a feeling all of these tests will come out negative as I’m sure these are mostly all just withdrawal symptoms of some sort. but I can’t wait to have peace of mind and oh be able to have a normal BM again. Thank all of you again for the help, I will post an update sometime tomorrow after my appointment.

  10. Something I do from time to time when I feel like my gut has too much in it is to fast for a day or two.

    If it hasn't been mentioned already, because I haven't read this whole thread, examine all the other things you might have changed at the same time you began nofap, if indeed this problem started then.
  11. Drummer1989

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    Sorry I haven’t updated this post. I am back on here because unfortunately I have relapsed, after over 280 days If I remember correctly, i succumbed to the temptation and I feel horrible now. Anyway to update everyone turns out my groin issues were being caused by messed up discs in my lower back. I have had multiple MRI’s and nerve conduction tests to rule out other causes. During all of this my anxiety was through the roof, had multiple panic attacks and did not feel like myself at all. It had me extremely depressed, thus why I relapsed. I have got to kill this addiction once and for all for my physical health, my emotional health, and my marriage. I was feeling so great before this I was on my longest streak ever and here it came rumbling back like I had no more power over it than I did before. This feeling really has me down because it feels like it still controlled me during this relapse it just seemed like I wasn’t any stronger than I was before. Anyway just wanted to vent that, going to try to get some sleep. I also noticed a little blood in my semen, I’m going to keep an eye on this and make sure nothing else is going on. Has anyone had that before with a relapse?
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    Me to relapsed after 300 days or so and felt like shit.. I reset actually.. It is not worth it.. But learn from it and do not let this motherf**ker pmo depress you.. keep going.. try again and you will win.
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    i am a 24 years old guy.i have pmoaddiction for almost 11 years.In most of time of my life i did edging.i had suffered some testicular pain 15 months ago.After that i had severe hocd from 13 august 2019 and at that time i didn't know about hocd pied etc and so i started excessive pmo and edging addiction which is a long story and my groin pain and pelvic pain started.10 days ago there is a 1.7 cm prostatic cyst found in ultrasound.i feel so much fear but doctor asked me that the cyst is small so don't worry.can edging cause prostatic cyst?can edging and prostatic cyst cause testicular,pevlic and groin area pain?if someone have the same prostatic cyst and edging problemplease help me.
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    Hey there, thanks for letting us know your story and I feel comfortable enough to answer your queries related to "weak urine flow" and "leakage" after that. Actually it's all related to your pelvic floor muscles. I hope you won't mind me asking about your PMO history because weak urine flow is somehow linked with the contractions when you masturbate or ejaculate and this leads to tight pelvic floor muscles. So also I would like to know if you experience some kind of pain in your back? If so then you should definitely try reverse kegels exercise. Search for it on the YouTube. Keep me posted . Take care

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