What´s so scary about the flatline?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Dingo2001, Nov 22, 2017.

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    I´m seeing the end of day 6 without PMO. I have read about the flatline and now im trying to understand what it really is. My understanding so far is that the flatline is beeing totally disconnected from your sexual self (which have been harmed from PMO) and that this experience is very scary for many of us.

    But what scares about it? My thoughts so far is that is takes away the feeling of beeing a man, strong, sexual and vibrant. Maybe the need to feel that is something alot of men with this problem have in common? Right now i haven´t had a hardon for a couple of days. If i think about my dick it doesn´t feel like it normally does, i king of imagine a void between my legs. I guess that´s scary, but also kind of a relief that i i´m not allowing myself to use sex as a way to run from my problems.

    Can you guys understand my idea of what the flatline is? Do you agress? Disagree?

    I´m very interested of hearing your ideas about what the flatline is. Not so much the neurological part with all the rewiring and stuff, but more about your exitential and spiritual understanding of ut.

    Wish all who read here all the best!
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  2. Hey man, nice msg, in my experience, I feel the effects from the flatline are a bit exagerated.. felt actually more comfort not thinking about PMO all the time and more in a relaxed mood, not so 'stimulated' and restless, but I have the feeling it goes a bit in waves.. lets see what the ride brings, i definately dont wanna fap off!
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    I'm rather looking forward to it. (Flatline)

    It may be Mother Nature's way of doing us a favor. If we prove to our body we are serious (say, 30 days no PMO) our body helps us by shutting down for a while.

    The flatline may be our biggest blessing........I hope.
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    I haven't looked at P or had an O for 46 days now. I'm not sure if I am in a flat line, or not. I have not had any strong urges to look at porn for many weeks, is that a flat line. I feel like more of a man now than I ever have, to be honest. Reading a lot of material put out by Corey Wayne on how to be a 3% Guy has also been a boost. Highly recommended.
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