What’s your New Years Resolutions

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  1. I don’t normally do New Years resolutions. They are silly right? And who really sticks to them?

    I lived a lot of my life in this “go with the flow” attitude.

    But did that really get me anywhere great?

    So this year I’m setting some goals..but I’m also keeping track of them. Like we do here with keeping up with days clean.

    I’m posting this so i can inspire and be inspired..maybe if some of you share your goals it may give me and others other ideas on what to strive for to keep our mind and bodies healthy and sane.

    If this gets going we can check in and post where we are at, what we do on here anyway but also in regards to whatever goals we set for the year..nothing is off the table.

    So as I’m thinking right now my resolutions are

    Meditate more
    Be able to run a 10k
    Eat more veggies
    Write more

    Ok that was very simple..maybe too much and I need to be more specific. But it’s a start and if this gets some feedback I will come back and expand
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  2. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    I am a negative person and I do not think I will be able to do any of these but I would like to become fit, learn how to draw and stand straight because I am going to get a hunchback. That would be it.
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  3. That’s great! Great resolutions!!!

    If you can work on those you will be in a much better place this time next year!
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  4. There is nothing silly about planning, setting goals and holding yourself accountable. I hated most of the time I spent working for large corporate entities but those quarterly reviews really were an awesome way to track progress and determine if your plan is working or not.

    Before I thought about goals, I spent alot of time evaluating my year and grading myself in every category of improvement to determine how much progress I made to determine what I need to focus on.

    -I really did well with my spiritual goals in terms of reading, praying and daily meditation so that resolution stays in place for 2019 B+ Since I have the time I plan on reading the bible daily, spending 40 minutes in prayer and 15 minutes meditating.

    -I did very well staying away from hard drugs, weed, liquior, casual sex and PMO. I did a 17 day No PMO streak then a 24 day No PMO streak, Quit weed for 50+ days and I hardly drank this year B- I plan on doing Trying to do at least half the year clean from weed and PMO and complete 2 40 day no weed, no alcohol, no PMO streaks

    - I worked on being more social and meeting more women. My efforts werent too consistent but I made more friends, met more women and went on more dates this year than I did during the previous 4 years combined B- I'm going to force myself to go out at least once a week

    - I planned to spend time working on ways to use my skills and talent to make money. I was supposed to work on developing my business but my progress was halted due to reasons beyond my control, but i was also lazy D+ Ill finish my small business association application, get my free consultation with a lawyer on liability and put my curriculum on paper.

    -I planned to write more lyrics, consistently practice freestyle, start playing keyboard and sax again and practice singing. I practiced freestyle rapping and singing consistently but I didnt do much writing or buy my keyboard. C- I have the money for the keyboard so my goal will be to work on music for 2 hours twice a week.
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  5. FeelTheThunder

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    My Resolutions are:
    1. Focus on my studies
    2. Do Cycling everyday (started 2 days ago and I'm enjoyin' it)
    3. Eat Healthy, Junk foods to be restricted to maximum of 4 times per month.
    4. Get a girlfriend (maybe not but I wanna try.)
    5. Stop getting carried away with videogames.
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  6. I have a few, but I don't like resolutions. So I narrowed it down to one, to work on my self confidence
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  7. Sawako Kuronuma

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    My Journal
    I've never followed through on my new years resolutions ever. And while I have some private ones I hope to achieve this year, I know a few I'd really like to accomplish is making it to 6 months NoFap, and get more serious with my Yoga and Meditation.
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  8. Randy

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    I don't plan to change anything for new years. I want to make it the rest of the way to 90 days fapless. I want to really bond with the woman who I have been married to for 20 years. I want to be successful at the place where I have been working for 14 years. I want to be a good father. I want to get over my sexual fixations the way I got over alcohol.
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  9. Akelly100

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    My new years resolution is nofap
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  10. Yoga and meditation are great resolutions!!!
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  11. You can do this..a perfect resolution
  12. Hey, work on that and your whole life improves. Rock on!
  13. Damn, you inspired me, those are some solid resolutions!
  14. You sound like you are on your way to have an amazing year, great recap and great goals..stay strong bro.
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  15. Any ideas on how?
  16. My resolution, to donate to this forum, which I just did (one time donation).
    I know everybody can't chip in, but I'm sure that every little bit helps for those who can :)
  17. kropo82

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    This year I've broken mine down into three buckets:

    Do Less

    • Procrastination
    • Swearing
    • Social Media
    • Eating Meat

    Keep Doing
    • Physically active
    • Making music
    • Abstaining (porn, ogling, sexual day-dreams)
    • Reading lots

    Do More

    • Fish tank water changes
    • Weight loss
    • Sight singing
    • Snappier dressing
    (Copied from here.)
  18. Castielle

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    Friendly reminder to please, for the love of all that is holy, search for topics before posting a new thread. This is at least the third thread I've seen asking people to share their resolutions.

    But I suppose I'll copy and paste mind from the other two threads I've already answered this question in.

    - Publish my next book
    - Finish the first a draft of my third book
    - Read 50 books
    - Have semi-weekly date time with my husband
    - Morning yoga/stretching and time reading the Bible (I dont do it every morning, but I try to do it most days)(this also includes not looking at my phone until after that reading/stretching time)
    - Pay off my car loan
    - Manage spending and stick to our budget
    - In general, try to eat healthier and drink less soda
    - I don't have any specific goals to reach for working out, but I want to continue to get in great shape at the gym
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