What 150+ Days PMO-Free Looks Like

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by aps1991, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    Never before did I think that I could abstain from anything for more than 150 days - let alone from something as addictive as PMO. But here I am - 150 days PMO-free and feeling stronger than ever.

    Abstaining is much easier for me now than it was during the first couple of months. I rarely get tempted and am able to ignore any potential triggers (e.g. raunchy music videos). It helps a lot that I'm 'flat-lining' (which I find rather liberating).

    During these 150+ days I finally established my core purpose - helping others be their best - and am focused on pursuing my goals in relation to that. I'm now a careers mentor at my local university - using my own experience to help students move towards their ideal work. I'm launching a young professionals network at my workplace in January. And I'm launching a YouTube channel in January advocating positive living - giving tips on how to move towards your own ideal life (based on what has worked for me over the last four years and counting). If it wasn't for NoFap I may not be doing any of these rewarding and fulfilling things.

    If you're struggling with PMO abstinence then remember the following:
    • Ordinary people just like you have succeeded at this, so you can, too
    • Do you think you can abstain for one more hour? For the rest of today?
    • Maintaining an existing streak is much easier than starting a new streak from scratch
    • How will you feel about yourself if you break your abstinence now?
    • How will you feel after 30 days PMO-free? After 60 days? After 90 days?
    If you want any further guidance then send me a private message. And check out my YouTube channel - Andrew SVN - from January. There'll be videos about goal-setting and planning that will help you maintain your PMO streaks.

    Stay strong.

  2. 1st of all congrats on your 150+ days streak !! I'm also happy that you're achieving your goals !! Thank you for the inspiring post !! Keep going & goodluck with the youtube channel & everything else!!
  3. Thanks for this post, it's boosted me loads.
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    Inspirational...thank you!
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    My Journal
    Good one.

    Thanks for sharing. I will check out your videos later.
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    Congratulations :)
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    Congratulations on being disciplined.

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