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  1. Hello All.

    I am beckoning the 90 day mark, in just a few hours. However I am now

    1. Socially more confident
    2. A lot less anxious
    3. Libido comes and goes
    4. Able to use my time more efficiently
    5. Able to concentrate a lot more
    6. Sleep better
    7. Do what it is that i set out to do, NoFap being one of them.

    I believe that at this point there is no need for me to keep counting but rather to embrace this new lifestyle. I am running 50km a week and I enjoy talking to myself and keeping myself company, this I do first thing in the morning and on every other day and gives me a great kick start to the day.

    I believe it is better to embrace the lifestyle that comes with NoFap. Absolutely nothing worth doing is easy, you have to accept the highs and lows that come with it. While hitting the lows,just remember you are slowly getting cured and your body is repairing the dopamine receptors needed for the absolute true reward.

    I suppose at some point its not about counting, but reaping the rewards, then you will truly be living the life
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    Nice, congratulations !
  3. congrats on 90 days ! powerful post,nice and inspiring ,thank you!
  4. SirErnest

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    NoFap Defender

    A sensible and concise post, which is nice to see.
    Great work on the 90 days!

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