What a hopeless life *sigh*

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Aiyoshi, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Aiyoshi

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    As I get to bed and start masturbating, life start to feels hopeless.
    • Decide to go all the way and keep lacking self control.
    • Decide to PMO and gain my waifu back for some minutes, only to lose self control, progress and any chance with real woman.
    • Decide to pay whores and become a sex addict.
    • Decide to control myself and go through depression, boredom, all the waiting only to suffer with the love for a 2d character and the uncertainty of true love.
    • Death will only make things worse.


    Gonna control myself then.
  2. Ichiro

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    hey man,

    i hope you are not too down, i like the hopefulness at the end. everything you're struggling with is what many of us if not all of us struggle with. i can really relate with everything youre saying here.

    I hope you never lose hope man. As long as we keep adjusting out strategies there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.
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  3. Mankrik

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    If your going through hell keep on going. You are in control of your actions and your fate is in your own hands. You cant change the past but you can change the future; its all mental and you can make it through these dark times if you keep trying and set yourself up for success.
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  4. Vthaur

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    Bro, life's not hopeless at all. There's very much in life. You here lack the right attitude towards life and that's all. We feel so down because we've turned into slaves of our desires. You see it's just like knowing you're doing wrong and you will still do the wrong. This lack of control makes life hopeless. So we need to understand our true potential. Human is more smarter than any living and non living object. We just have forgot how cool we all are. Understand this and you've the right attitude, the winner attitude. Also start #30 days challenge with us
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  5. Bizot

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    If life is truly hopeless, the only person responsible for creating hope, joy and meaning in your life is you! That starts with fighting your PMO habit/reliance/addiction.

    Things feel hopeless and pointless to you right now because you feel unable control your actions, in other words, unable to be put into place something that you want and need to put into place (which is abstinence from PMO). This disjunction is called "cognitive dissonance" in psychology. One of Aesop's fables is about the fox and grapes, where a fox walks past a tree with some grapes growing that he really wants to eat, but the grapes are too high for him to reach, so he can't eat them. So the fox walks away without the grapes, saying to himself that are undesirable and too sour to eat anyway. The struggle with giving up PMO is like this. It seems like such a big task, so when we fail we dismiss, saying to ourselves that hope is lost hope. We then disengage from trying take back control in our lives and trying to give up. That's why it feels hopeless, at least to me. That's why you have to take this NoFap journey step by step, day by day, and soon your hope will grow. Does this make sense? I feel like I'm rambling!

    When you feel hopeless, try your best to come on here to chat with the community; ring a friend or family-member; or try to open up to, or even just hang out with someone close to you. The worst thing you can do is stay in your room and PMO - you will only feel worse! Stay strong!
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  6. Aiyoshi

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    No, thank you. The right way for others is my insanity.
  7. success091

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    You gotta find something to work towards, I understand the 'hopeless' feeling very well, try not to wallow in self hatred too much since no good can come from it. If you have no goals and nothing to work towards why would you do anything? When I feel this way I usually just relapse and binge into oblivion until something clicks in me and I realize what I have to do. Women can't be your main focus, trust me you'll just go insane. Accept your position and do your best to adapt to your situation, if you can't get women then why waste energy focusing on them.

    I understand we all want women though so other sites are more suited for advice regarding women known as 'game', sadly it hasn't worked for me yet since I haven't actually approached a women, mainly because of lack of confidence in myself and low self esteem after being depressed for so long. If I do try though i'll use www.rooshv.com to get started, his past resonates a lot with my present situation. Don't lose faith, things will get better eventually, make sure to do lots of introspection and review, journaling is crucial during this period.
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  8. Aiyoshi

    Aiyoshi Fapstronaut

    This is most definetely NOT PMO. PMO was the solution to a problem, a bad solution. All prices to resolve those problems are what make the situation appear to be hopeless in depressive moments.
  9. Aiyoshi

    Aiyoshi Fapstronaut

    There's too many things to work for really. Women is a important piece of it, and yet, you're right about letting go if it's impossible to have a relationship right now.

    About the binge, it happend and discovered all the triggers and progress that was made with it. If my plans work, this addiction will soon be over.
  10. Bichofue

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    Hi, i don't speak inglish but i like try to help you. I understand you. Its very very hard this feelings. When I feel this I hate the five letters of the word "alone" it is horrible. This is my solution, a friend teach my this. Our feelings are part of us. When you deny the express your feelings you start to accumulate it in your soul, the life come to be gray (because always the people say " don't cry because you aren't a girl" or " don't say that because is stupid or because you going to hurt something " or similars). The people like to see you in silent. Why? Because they have scare of their feelings. But when see you in the floor the people say " you don't should feel that you have beautiful life, you are very stupid" and again come to feel bad because is bad my behavior. Hurt something is bad, this don't have discussed. You need a scape of your feeling. Sometimes we use PMO, drogs, or any bad behavior to have a scape of the reality because we think what the reality is bad and don't understand because the people is happy as "I feel bad." To start the method you will be completely sure what the life is the only an more precious treasure in the life and suicide or similars are a madness (I say that because some months ago i don't believe this and destroy my life) You need to express your feelings. Search What feelings you feel: sadness, rage, despair. Them ask you: why I feel this? Answer the first thing in your head. Example "I feel this because I feel lonely". There is always a more powerful reason why you are like this, it almost always comes from a long time ago. It's like doing psychoanalytic therapy in private Feel this feeling in their whole your body, be the feeling, cry, hit, scream, bites the pillow, kick the pillow do this all the time needed. When you feel a little better. If you can express all of this, you will notice that it is as if you were someone else. Speak to that other part of you with the greatest sweetness. Do not reproach him, comfort him. You are the only person that can give you love. Try to understand your story, many situations are not your fault. I am sure that in many cases you have learned to act as you are to survive and avoid pain. The human always do this. You will see that there are many people who have hurt you... But equal like you they try to survive and do many things to life without pain. In many cases you don't know their history, maybe they have many paint in their heart. And use other method (bad method like hurt others) to scape of their realty. Forgiveness is the only way out heal. Forgiveness you and others. Comfort and embrace your pain. He will calm down. This method works for me, I do it constantly to have peace. My life has changed a lot
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  11. Tekkadan

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    Feeling hopeless today as well. Relax bro. Everything is going to be alright.
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