What about results based challenges? (instead of days)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by OrganizeInformed, May 16, 2021.

  1. In reading the official reboot 101 guide I got to thinking about the symptom based reboot, but it seems beyond that we can simply want a concrete goal. We've seen how people who have a long streak don't feel they are quite there. Of course that begs the question: Where do we want to be at?

    This can be about some kind of self improvement and not just rebooting for sexual health. And also, since it's not a metric like number of days it would only be about whether you yourself succeed or not, and not where anyone else is at in their process - as if specific number of days is always the same with everyone.

    So I figure this can be an interesting twist. For some people the same goal can be hard and some easier than others, it just depends on our history and what we do about it. The specifics of a persons journey may be more interesting than how long they've been working on it. Maybe someone is working on their mental health for example, but whereas one person has a fairly uncomplicated success, maybe even the prototypical "reboot fixed everything" kind of success story, another may have to work a lot harder at it but I bet that story would be a lot more interesting, even if they're not totally there yet.

    Anyway I just wanted to throw out the idea if nothing else. Needless to say it's not about competition but based on specific things that are going on we could comment to help other people based on our experience trying to reach the same goal, even if it ends up being different.

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