What are goals while doing nofap?

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    What are some of your personal goals?
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    STATUS 1/15/2020: Started a journal:


    1. Continue living life with 100% honesty (this is new for me). No lies. Ever. No exceptions.

    2. Invite supportive men and women into my life, and offer support to men and women in my life
    . This means I want a true connection with family and friends. (I haven't seen my 2 sisters in 5+ years; haven't seen or spoken to my brother in 20+ years; and, I haven't seen or spoken to my stepfather in 5+ years). On the plus side: I have made 2 friends in the past month. STATUS: 12/7/2019: Sister texted me this afternoon, suggesting I come up to Ohio for my birthday (February 19). It's a great idea, but I feel like my finances are still uncertain, and I'm embarassed to admit this to my sister. Told her I'll advise on FRI 12/13/2019.

    STATUS 11/30/2019:
    I toasted "to friendship" with a colleague (with whom I've worked side-by-side for the past 2 1/2 years). He texted me on Wednesday, 11/27/19, the night before Thanksgiving, inviting me to shoot pool. I haven't been invited to do anything with anybody in quite awhile. I actually enjoyed being out that night. We had a great time shooting pool. I laughed a lot and felt at ease with myself.

    STATUS 11/30/19:
    I spoke to my sister via telephone on Thanksgiving Day. We spoke candidly, for about 90 minutes. This was the longest conversation I've had with her in many years, and it felt like the most honest and candid conversation I have ever shared with her. I haven't seen her, her husband, or my nephew in 5+ years. We ended the conversation with my planning a trip to be with family in Ohio. I want to see them next month, during Christmas, but finances make it a challenge (they live in Ohio; I live in Florida). It's OK though. At least we're communicating, and at least I am now working on reconnecting with my family. WOW. Didn't see this happening. Is there a God after all? I feel like my prayers are being heard. I created Goal #20 and will log the action plans for accomplishing this goal: Visit my family members in Ohio.

    STATUS 11/26/2019:
    Blessed to have a good friend: a woman I've known since March 2019. She offered support and listened when I most needed it. I have been 100% honest with her about everything, and she accepts me. She is a woman of exceptional beauty and strength and character, and I am proud and honored to have her in my life. "God please help me. I want family and friends in my life. I want to trust and support people, and I want people to trust and support me. Please help me be more understanding and accepting. Please help me remove my anger, insecurity, and ego. Please help me forgive myself for the pain and harm I have inflicted on others, and please help me to forgive others who have inflicted pain and harm. Thank you God. Amen."

    STATUS 11/12/2019: I am honored to have an Accountability Partner on nofap.com.

    3. Finish the 100-day Spartan Challenge on nofap.com, via hard mode: no porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no chasing women. STATUS 12/3/2019: Today I am reinforcing this goal in writing because I'm feeling tempted and challenged. Lately I've been tempted to the use the Internet to chase women and reconnect with women whom I had sexual flings. Also: I'm struggling at work and I am worried about my finances; I'm 4 days divorced and I am feeling sad, guilty, and depressed about it; I'm feeling the re-emergence of my libido; and, I'm constantly embracing memories from my past "sexual conquests". During the past 50 days I have thought to some extent about succumbing to temptations and avoiding challenges by chasing women and reverting to alcohol, marijuana, alprazolam, porn, and p-subs. But today, with God's help, and with support from friends and family, I am resisting these temptations and facing my challenges head on. I am amazed that I've pursued and accomplished more goals in the past 50 days than I did in the past 10 years! I know my priorities, and I am taking the necessary steps to see them through. This means that I intend to finish the 100-day Spartan challenge, via hard mode: no porn, no masturbation, no chasing women, and no casual sex. I am not ready to pursue a relationship. No marijuana. I will continue tapering myself off of alprazolam, and I will be done with taking alprazolam, for life, by February 19, 2020 (my 49th birthday). I will continue to allow myself a few drinks on Friday nights, but it stops there. Finishing the Spartan Challenge, hard mode, may be my toughest challenge yet, but I intend to see it through.

    4. Visit auto store for free diagnosis of check engine light. I placed this goal high on my list because the check engine light in my vehicle has been illuminating (off and on) for the past 2 months. The vehicle runs well and I've meticulously maintained it, but the check engine light is causing me stress, and I have a tendency to avoid and/or deny stress. I am going to face my fear and have it checked. Visiting the auto store requires thinking and acting outside of my comfort zone, but at least I'll be taking action, and hopefully I'll know what the problem is, and hopefully I'll be able to repair my vehicle at a reasonable cost and make that damn check engine light dissapear. At least for now I am blessed to live within 2 miles of work. If the repair is too expensive, at least I can keep the vehicle parked and ride my mountainbike to work until I am able to fix it. STATUS 12/7/2019: Stopped in at the auto parts store this afternoon and the sales associate plugged the diagnostic tool into my vehicle and advised an error code: P14A3. Unfortunately he did not advise a specific part or plan of action. I searched the Internet for a few minutes and I'm not clear what this error code entails, but at least I'm taking action. I'll research youtube.com and see if it helps. Also, the check engine light stopped illuminating immediately after the sales associate unplugged the diagnostic tool LOL. I keep hoping that the warning light will permenantly dissapear, but I know it's only temporary. The next time it illuminates I'll take the vehicle to another auto parts store for advice on error code AND recommendations for servicing.

    5. Start a journal on nofap.com.


    6. Visit my family members in Ohio.

    7. Start thinking about what I REALLY want to do with the remaining years of my life (I'm 48 years old and I have nothing to lose by trying). STATUS 12/9/2019: I realize I need to set CONCRETE and SHORT TERM goals here (i.e. "bucket list"). I still have no idea how I REALLY want to spend the time of my remaining years. But here's a question that might help: "If I could not exercise or work, how would I choose to spend my time?" It's a tough question, but perhaps it will spawn some new goals.

    STATUS 11/23/2019:
    I think about this but I'm still very uncertain. I could work at my current sales job until I "retire," but I feel like my job, and the company I work for, are uncertain. I need to keep thinking about this. A man asked me recently what I would like to be doing in life, and I said I wanted to help college athletes. Here's for certain: I want to live the remaining years of my life as happily and as peacefully as possible; I want to help change the world for the better; I want to share the remaining years of my life with a beautiful woman and be the protector and supporter of my family; I want to be a father, and if it means adopting or being a stepfather, then I want to be the best father that I can be.

    8. Update my resume with 100% honesty. STATUS 12/2/2019: Created a linkedin.com account, with current work experience, educational background, and a professional photo.

    STATUS 11/30/2019:
    I am way behind on this: I am far from completing my resume. But I'm OK with it. At least I'm working on it. I'm excited about creating a linkedin.com account. For years I avoided social media because I lived a life of lies and feared being exposed as a liar and an adulturer. I no longer have those fears because I am no longer a liar and an adulterer. New target date for resume and linkedin.com: January 1, 2020.

    STATUS 11/25/2019:
    Created an account on indeed.com and started creating a resume, too. I am far from completing my resume but it's a start. I'll have plenty of time to work on this during Thanksgiving Day weekend. Actually looking forward to it. Next steps: complete indeed.com.resume; create a linkedin.com account; construct a resume via Word and be sure to include my professional head shot photo. I will continue exploring job opptys. I am open to relocating (USA and Canada). Perfect time for a move if the right opportunity presents itself.

    STATUS 11/18/2019: I set a date: I will complete my resume, with 100% honesty, by end-of-day, Sunday, November 30, 2019.

    9. Explore job opportunities. I have been with the same company for almost 5 years now but work has been really slow the past few months, the company appears to continue downsizing, and I'm suffering financially. I have zero savings. Also, I fear I could be fired/laid off soon, so updating my resume and looking for jobs NOW actually feels somewhat empowering. STATUS 12/9/2019: I'm postponing this until December 21, 2019. I have a paid vacation, off work, starting 12/21/19 through 1/1/2020. During this period I'll have all the time I want to review job opportunities. Probably not the best time to be reviewing jobs but that's OK. The point is to just start looking.

    STATUS 11/30/2019:
    Work continues to be a challenge. I am struggling to make any sales, and I am avoiding the phone and interacting with prospects and customers. Last week was a short week (thank God!) but it felt brutal. No sales whatsover. Even worse: my colleagues ARE making sales, and instead of humbling myself, acknowledging their success, learning from them, and feeling inspired by them, I'm (secretly) choosing resentment and anger toward them. Here's what I'm realizing: I am still an angry, insecure, and fearful person. It seems like I have struggled with insecurity and inferiority my entire life, which in turn keeps me enveloped in loneliness, bitterness, frustration, fear, and anger. In the midst of challenge and struggle, I often choose to quit. I have abandoned friendships, family, relationships, and careers. How will I handle this struggle? Do I have what it takes to make it through this time? I will continue to ask for God's help, and I will NOT give up this time. I WILL see this through.Even though I'm having challenges, I WILL stick to this job. I have been with this company for nearly 5 years, my longest tenured job ever. I've succeeded at this job before, and I am going to do it again. I'm in good health and free from fantasy, marijuana, alcohol, PMO, and p-subs. I can do this.

    STATUS 11/23/2019:
    Work continues to feel like a real struggle. Slow and very stressful. I feel like morale at my company is the lowest I've seen during my 5 years there. Demand seems to be at a standstill. I am very concerned about my finances. I closed a couple of nice deals this month but I still didn't meet my quota (I haven't met my quota for the past several months). I feel like most of my customers have forgotten about me. I rarely take time off and I usually arrive early and stay late, but this month has really tested my psyche, so most days I've been arriving on time and leaving on time. And I've used a few days' vacation time (I have amassed plenty of vacation time, thank goodness). All indications are next week will be even slower (Thanksgiving). I've resolved to get on the phone anyway and ask my customers and prospects about their Thanksgiving plans. Honestly I'm just looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend. It's requiring a lot of focus and determination to work through this slump.

    STATUS 11/08/19
    : Work has improved lately: closed 2 nice deals this week, which feels very relieving and boosts confidence. Feels like I might just be able to succeed at this job after all. Haven't even tried to apply for a seasonal/holiday job and I likely won't. The market is still slow, however, and I am not making the kind of money I made in 2018, but at least for now I have regained confidence. I likely won't need to consider a 401(K) loan or withdrawal this month. And in the future I believe things might turn for the better. But I STILL need to update my resume and keep my options open.

    10. Stop taking alprazolam forever. Was on 2 mg. per day from June 2019-10/06/2019; started tapering on 10/06 from 2 mg. to 1.5 mg. per day. On 11/02/2019 I started tapering down from 1.5 mg. to 1.0 mg per day; I will start my next taper on 11/28/19 from 1 mg. to .5 mg per day. I will be done with alprazolam by end of February 2020 at the latest). STATUS 12/9/2019: I've revised my tapering schedule: Effective 1/1/2020, I'm discontinuing nightly use of .5 MG alprazolam. I'll start taking it every OTHER night. I have 5 mg. tablets of diazepam on hand, but I will take it ONLY if I feel I'm having a panic attack, which I not foresee happening. From January 1, 2020 to January 31, 2020, I will continue taking alprazolam every OTHER night, come hell or high water. Insomnia is no excuse. My body will sleep when it has to. On January 31, 2020, I will re-evaluate my tapering schedule and choose to either stop taking alprazolam for life, or prolong use until February 18, 2020. By February 19, 2020 (my 49th birthday), I will done taking alprazolam for life.

    STATUS 11/30/2019:
    I'm 2 days into .5 mg per day alprazolam, and the tapering process is smooth. I was concerned cutting the dose by 50%. Most advise 25% and most advise a longer, more gradual tapering schedule. But I feel great. No major withdrawal symptoms. And, last night I slept great, and awoke feeling great, which is a huge victory for me. For many years I took alprazolam at nighttime, right before bed to sleep. I wasn't convinced I would sleep well during tapering, but I feel like I've slept better than I have in years. I've had lots of vivid dreams, but I have not suffered insomnia. Hopefully this continues. I guess when you're living 100% honestly you can sleep without the aid of pills :)

    STATUS 11/23/2019:
    Wrote final phase of tapering schedule and affixed it to my refrigerator so that it remains visible at all times:

    JAN 6 2020-FEB 18 2020 (at the latest):
    .25 mg per day
    5 mg diazepam only as needed, i.e. in case of major withdrawal symptoms or panic attack, which I do not foresee happening. I was prescribed 30 diazepam tablets on August 13, 2019 but I have rarely taken them. I still have 22 pills remaining.

    FEB 19 2020 (my 49th birthday): I will be done with alprazolam for life.

    STATUS 11/19/2019
    : Tapering process continues to feel smooth. I will begin my next taper on Thursday, November 28, 2019 (Thanksgiving Day): I will taper down from 1 mg. to .5mg, my lowest daily dose in 4 years.

    STATUS 11/08/2019:
    Tapering process is going 100% smoothly. No major withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Have struggled at times with sleep, but not nearly as bad as I feared. If I continue to feel this good, then I will move up the next taper date from 11/31/19 to 11/28/19 (Thankgiving Day). Feels incredible to me that by month's end I'll have tapered down to .5 mg. per day, which will be my lowest daily dose over the last 4-5 years.

    11. Divorce my wife (date set to file/petition the state for a non-contested divorce: Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at 11 a.m.) STATUS 12/3/2019: At approximately 9:30 AM EST today, December 3, 2019, a circuit court judge ordered a simplified dissolution of marraige. I am now divorced.

    STATUS 11/12/2019:
    Wife and I filed for a non-contested divorce on 11/12/2019. Divorce hearing set for Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 9 AM. Assuming all goes as planned, judge will grant our divorce on 12/3/2019.

    12. Remove my soon-to-be ex-wife from my employer-sponsored health benefits during open enrollment in mid-November 2019, which will take effect Jan 1, 2020 (I advised my wife of this). STATUS 12/2/2019: I officially removed my soon-to-be-ex wife from my health, vision, and dental benefits. Effective 1/1/2020, my per-paycheck deduction will be reduced from $466.00 to $86.00, which means I will have $760.00 in additional monthly income. This feels like a significant weight is being removed. I feel better. I feel like I can start breathing a little easier. But I also have to start making some sales so that I can keep my job :)

    STATUS 11/26/2019: HR advised open enrollment on 11/25/2019. I have until Wednesday 12/4/2019 to re-enroll in my insurance plan. Potential maximum income added by un-enrolling my soon-to-be-ex wife and changing to a cheaper health insurance plan: $700.00 per month! I am struggling financially so this feels like a significant positive impact. Feels like I can breathe a little easier. I am reviewing all 3 plans and I will officially re-enroll and delete my spouse's benefits no later than MON December 2, 2019. Hopefully I won't be laid off in January. At least for now I finally have something positive to look forward to.

    13. Update my new maritial status to my employer and know the financial and tax implications of doing this. Do not ignore or avoid this. Be prepared for any negative financial consequences. Knowledge is power. I have fair-to-good credit now and I intend to improve my credit score. So be prepared to handle this if the IRS sends letters. STATUS 12/7/2019: I revised my W-4 form at work: I filed "Single", with 1 credit allowance. Hopefully this means the IRS will send me a refund. I could really use one right now. But most of all I hope I don't end up owing the IRS. I do NOT need them taking money right now (who does?!). Fingers crossed.

    14. Release my mother's remains into the Gulf no later than end of Thankgiving holiday weekend 2019 (she died in 2009; scared as hell to do this because I don't want to lose the last remnant I have of her, other than my memories and photos). STATUS 11/30/2019: I released my mother's remains into Old Tampa Bay at approximately 4 PM EST on 11/30/2019. Mom: I attached the photo and the song to remind me of your love and support, your strength, your morality, and your work ethic. You will always remain in my mind and heart. Every time I observe, drive, or bike across the Courtney Campbell our souls will merge, and your spirit will comfort me.

    STATUS 11/20/2019:
    I will release my mother's remains into the Gulf on Saturday afternoon by 4 PM, November 30, 2019.

    15. Move to another city/state/country. STATUS 11/25/2019: I have (again) re-evaluated my goals and I am open to moving anywhere in the continental US or Canada. Goal was originally to move to Canada to marry a beautiful woman who could support me (emotionally as well as financially) until I found a secure long-term job. And, maybe enjoy dual residence: Canadian summers and Floridian winters. When I feel like I am ready to start exploring an exclusive relationship, I can easily see myself using the Internet to meet women in the USA and Canada, and I feel excited about it. I love where I live and work, but I have no wife, children, family, or close friends. So this also means I am free to wander the globe, at age 48, and it actually feels exciting and powerful. I am happy, living life with honesty and purpose, am currently blessed with good health, and I have a passion for for clean eating and fitness, so I feel like I have a lot to offer. I imagine there are not many 48-year-olds who are willing to just up and leave and move to another town, state, or country. So I feel like there are exciting opportunities to explore, and I am ready and willing to explore them if/when the right opportunity presents itself, whether it's for a job or for a potential serious relationship. I am pleasantly surprised how optimistic I feel about this.

    16. Re-check my 401(k) balance and consider a complete 401 (k)withdrawal or a 401(k) loan. Know my options. See if my company is willing to do this. (I live in a beautiful expensive apartment and I intend to see my lease through to the end: May 31, 2019). STATUS 12/8/2019: Withdrawal is NOT an option. But I can request a loan. Here's how it works: I can request 50% of my vested balance, with no taxes and very minimal fees, to be dispensed into my checking account within a few days. This is something that I may need to do in January 2020 to help see my lease through on my apartment (my lease expires May 25, 2020). I hope I don't use this option, but if I do, I hope I'm actually able to do it with no hiccups. I don't trust banks. At least I'm prepared and knowledgable. January' s commission check is looking paltry. Today is December 8 and my last day at work before the Holiday shutdown is December 20, and I have no further sales on the horizon for this month, which is looking like it will be my worst month in a long time with the company. Fingers crossed. God will help me. It will be OK. Matthew 6:25-34.

    17. Read/research non-animal protein diet. STATUS 12/7/2019: I've twice consumed each of the following: Organic black beans; organic kidney beans, and organic pinto beans. I mix a can with my daily rice for additional (and non-animal) protein and calories. This is working well. It's a solid start toward a non-animal protein diet. Adding protein from beans has me consuming less protein from chicken and tuna (down from 10 oz. to 5 oz).

    STATUS 11/26/2019:
    Research garbanzo beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, quinoa, tofu.

    18. Continue taking test cypionate at 100 mg. per week then discontinue it after I run out (my former physician diagnosed me with "low testosterone" and prescribed at 200 mg. per week. I respectfully disagree: I don't need it, and even at 100 mg. per week, I still feel like I am abusing it. No more refills. Was taking 200 mg. per week but starting OCT 13th 2019 I cut the dose in half.) STATUS 11/28/19: I have adhered to 100 mg. injections 1x per week. Very minimal temptation to up the dose to 200 mg. NOTE: I have been working out at least 4xs per week, for the past 4-6 weeks, with more energy, intensity, and focus than I've ever exerted my entire life (I've trained consistently with weights and cardio since 2006). Also, 2-3xs per week I'm riding my mountainbike to the gym then afterwards I'm riding my bike to work (I am blessed to live within 2 miles of gym and work). I look forward to each workout and I do not feel tired or sore the next day. I am 100% convinced this has everything to do with no PMO, minimal alcohol, and tapering alprazolam.

    19. Continue limiting coffee consumption to 1 K-cup per day M-F, and 2 K-cups per day on weekends, first thing in the morning (was consuming 6+ K-cups per day). STATUS 12/7/2019: I did consume 2 coffees on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, but I am going to cut myself some slack. Actually, I am going to grant myself a full pardon: Tuesday was the day of my (super amicable) divorce. After our divorce hearing, my ex-wife asked me to stop at Starbucks. I ordered a small coffee. The extra K-cup allowance on Saturday and Sunday feels rewarding, and I am sleeping well, so this goal is going very well. It has demanded discipline and has involved temptation, but I am sticking to it, and I intend to see it through for the rest of my life.

    20. Obtain all 3 credit reports and review the reports and make sure that my credit is 100% clean. STATUS 12/8/2019: Receiving my free credit reports has been a challenge. So far I've obtained only 1 of 3, and I obtained that one credit report via the Internet, because all 3 credit reporting agencies advised that that they were unable to provide via mail, unless I submit additional verification (W-2, social security card, driver's license). I logged on and tried to print them via my work computer, but I wasn't able to print them or re-access them. Sigh. Whatever. Anyway. I'm going to persist and focus on the big picture: doing what it takes to fix my credit, which reflects my desire to live my life with 100% honesty, and with financial independence. The good news is, all 3 credit reports show I have only one outstanding collection account, in the amount of $267.00. I will pay be able to pay that off soon. I am not going to dispute it. I am just going to bite the bullet and pay it. Also, per creditkarma.com: I have a fair-to-good credit score right now, and I plan on using creditkarma.com when I can afford to commit to the monthly fee for using it. For now, at least I took action and I have a little more awareness on where I stand financially. I still show a few paid/settled collection accounts on my credit report, but all of them will be removed from my credit by July 2021. So if I can keep my job and my bills paid through then, I expect my credit score to be much better in about a year and a half.

    STATUS 11/08/2019:
    On 11/03/2019 I ordered all 3 credit reports to be sent to me via mail. 15 days to my mailbox so I expect to have them by month's end.

    22. Assume financial responsibility for my auto insurance (my wife has paid for my auto insurance since 2015; time to man up. Next payment is due 11/28/19; I have asked the auto insurance company to transfer payments to my checking account, to be debited on 11/28/2019). STATUS 12/9/2019: I need to action this. My policy that I share with my ex-wife expires in May 2020, and I'm 99.9% certain that she's gonna drop me from the policy. I will not wait until May. I need to find a new policy ASAP. The challenge is coming up with funds. Another reason to get on the phone and make sales. Another reason to dispense funds via 401(k) loan.

    STATUS 11/13/2019:
    I paid my wife for the monthly amount due on 11/28/2019.

    STATUS 11/09/2019:
    I still haven't transferred my banking information, but I did advise my soon-to-be-ex-wife that I will pay her for the next monthly amount due when we see each other at the courthouse on 11/12/2019 to file our divorce. I am doing this to ensure that my wife actually shows up at court to file the divorce.

    23. Get tested for STDs (confront the fear; no excuses. I have no symptoms but I slept around for a few years. I lived a reckless, promiscuous, whoring lifestyle and now I have to accept the consequences.) STATUS 11/21/2019: Re-visited health clinic for results: HIV negative; Syphilis negative; Chlamydia negative; Gonorrhea negative. I feel lucky and grateful to be alive and healthy.

    STATUS 11/08/2019:
    Visited health clinic on 11/07/2019 and submitted urine and blood samples for HIV and STD testing. I will know the results by 11/21/2019.

    24. Increase my 401(k) contribution from 3% to 10%. Do this only after my soon-to-be-ex wife is removed from my benefits. After year 5 with my company (February 22, 2020), I will be 100% vested. Research how this works. Know about 401(k).

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    I would first of all like to see a boost in energy and motivation. Right now I am motivated to change yes, but I also want to be motivated to change other problems with myself. I am alittle stuck right now :/
    My energy levels are quite low and i sleep a lot of the time, like 9-10 hours a day. This kills all time i have to be able to spend time self reflecting. So I would also like to change that.

    From hearing about nofap reboot benefits, I would also one day like to be able to reach a clearer mindset, and to be able to think clearly about my actions and my own emotions.

    Speaking of emotions, I would like to be able to gain a harness on my emotions. Right now if I get emotional, i run rampant. I find it hard to do any of the things I have set for myself in my goals. I scare myself into believing there is no space for me on this world. It is important for this to change sooner rather than later to avoid relapses.

    I would one day like to be able to mentor others about NoFap and changing key parts about their personality that make it hard for them to achieve their goals. I feel bad asking people for help, so being able to give back once I have reached my goal will make me feel better about asking help from everyone.

    I would like to be able to hold the job I currently have, as I enjoy it, the time goes fast while I'm at work and i find the job comfortable, I don't have to overwork myself nor under-work myself.

    Spending more time researching myself, and my emotions is another goal. I want to look into myself and be able to identify whats wrong and change that in an instant.
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    My god man,seems like you have a very well thought out plan
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    I want to make it to 90 days without fapping. I've had this goal for a long time, so it's time for me to stop making excuses. I also want to be able to control my gaze better. I want to stop staring at cleavage or asses.
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    BENDERCHAT New Fapstronaut

    I have some many goals but i feel only fear to accomplish all of them.may be its a side effect of nofap?
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    @BENDERCHAT I thank you for sharing that you have goals and that you have fears. Every single one of my goals involves fear, too, but with God's help, and others' help, I'm pursuing each goal despite the fear. Though I'm still not 100% convinced that God exists, I pray to God every day (several times a day) for understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. I'm humbly asking God to remove my anger, pride, and ego. And it's helping! I have never felt happier and more blessed. I have rough days, but I also have moments of pure inner peace, like I just KNOW that it's gonna be OK no matter what. What a blessing!

    I used to avoid pursuing my goals because I was afraid. For many years I chose the quick, easy path. I let fear control my life, and it only alienated me from myself and from people. I lived a life of lies and dysfunction, never realizing how my actions affected other people.

    But now I am moving forward, and I am inviting, even embracing, fear. Each goal has its challenges, and I don't expect to accomplish any of them easily.

    I hope you have a great day and that you pursue your goals despite your fears.
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    BENDERCHAT New Fapstronaut

    Thx im on day 43.i believe that future is bright for us.good luck...
  10. Increasing my faith
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    Try not to focus on goals, focus on the system.
  12. Getting shredded. Going well so far.
  13. dankestmemes

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    What does that mean in practice?

    Get some!
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    Inspirational posts all the best for your goals. Well done on how far you have come!
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    @George2019 thank you for your kind words! I appreciate your support. Blessings to you and congratulations on 113 days meeting your goals.
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    My goals for December 31 2019:
    - 53 days of NoFap
    - Follow my gym program and pay attention to diet. (I want to see a difference from my first transformation photo I took 2 weeks ago)
    - Finished reading 48 laws of power and everything is f*cked
    - Want to speak a bit of Portugese (started learning the language on Duolingo)
    - Make sure I follow all of my new and good habits.

    I will update my goals on the 1st of January.
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    Lol why does it have to be goals while doing nofap and not just goals? Anyways:

    -Get big. Specifically I want to be benching 2 plates for reps before the end of next year, squatting 3 plates for reps, max deadlift of 4 plates and pressing 1 plate for reps.

    -Get bitches

    -Learn to invest and make money

    -Improve my mindset. This involves being more positive, not giving a fuck about what other people think, being more stoic, quitting porn, being more genuine.

    -Learn spanish

    -Smash my degree
  18. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    There are so many goals I have while continuing my NoFap streak but I have noticed that the longer it progresses and the more I challenge my current mindset, the more belief do I actually acquire (or build up) that they can become a reality some day. Some of the most important goals I currently have are the following:

    -Change my attitude and trying to see the positive in everything that happens to me (even the negative things). Not only does it give me a peace of mind and tranquility, I literally notice that good things are happening to me automatically as a result.

    -Starting an online coaching-program (for a male audience) with focus on getting rid off PMO, replacement of your bad habits and build up a great, harmonious and abundant life that is detached from your ego and others' beliefs and opinions about you. Later on, the goal is also to perhaps write some books in the topic. I literally don't care if it might take five or more years to make it profitable. I would feel great fulfillment by providing good and professional services that are demanded in the market-place and by enjoying the journey towards that goal.

    -Becoming a good and appreciated resource, influence and advice for men who are struggling with PMO, their current lifestyles and mindsets. Although I give all of this for free at the moment (since I am not making any money of it), I will continue to do so in the future, although it might be more limited since more of my time will be dedicated towards my business idea above.

    -Increasing/improving my social-skills, charisma, and magnetism so I can not only be more persuasive and influential towards those who are (at first) skeptical towards my ideas regarding lifestyle and lifestyle changes but also in order to become smoother, more confident and magnetic in any social interaction I am facing. There were so many false and negative beliefs I fed myself regarding this in my past that it has literally taken years to reprogram my subconscious mind. It is still something I need to work on and will always continue to do.

    -Stop bitching and complaining about anything negative that happens. This has been one of my personal biggest achilles-heels so far and although I have become a lot better to not complain, I still have some work to do before I can consider myself as a "no-complainer". One of the keys to get the complaining-monkey off your back is to feel and experience gratitude for everything I currently have in my life. Every time I find myself complaining about something, I remind myself that it is a very unmanly and petty behavior that only belongs to those who have stagnated, given up on life and everything in it.

    -Adopt more of an abundance and plentitude attitude towards money and everything I want more of in my own life, even when it gets tough/challenging (for example, when paying bills or for an overpriced meal). According to the law of attraction, you will attract to you of the same kind in whatever thoughts you are thinking. So, stop thinking scarcity whenever it becomes tempting is another challenge I am currently facing and want to overcome.
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