What are good habits to Replace PMO???

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by JasonIsReal, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. JasonIsReal

    JasonIsReal Fapstronaut

    I have almost reached my personal goal of 100 Days, 8 days left and I want to focus on deleting more bad habits and installing more good habits in my life.

    My plan so far:
    - No PM.
    - Quit smoking.
    - Limit junkfood to once a week.

    - Start fitness.
    - Start healthy diet.
    - Start meditating.

    Did I forgot something?
    Also I am willing to inprove my social skills. Every where I go I will focus on connecting with people as much as possible. But what are good places to go? I quit drinking the same time at nofap so I don't know if going out to the club will do me any good, maybe once in a while yes but not too much. Are there maybe some places I can go to connect with more woman. I don't see a lot of woman in my life anymore due to fact I work a lot and go to school and in my free time I spend time with friends. But I want to socialize with woman more often to get back in the zone, you know? Not just for sex but more for the connection. Any tips?
  2. SnowWhite

    SnowWhite Fapstronaut

    Focus on goals. Then gather people around you.
  3. JasonIsReal

    JasonIsReal Fapstronaut

    Thanks for you comment. I will focus on my goals and I do have a group of close friends. I think I can't complain about my social life but I don't meet a lot of woman you know. I want to meet more woman because it's a little bit lacking at the moment. Currently I maybe see a attractive girl like 2/3 times a month. That's very low imo. I think I need some lil changes in my social life (time spending) because I am too much away from social events you know what I mean? I want to meet more new people in social events but I can't come up with something where alcohol doesn't play a big role. Clubs are the most common social events but alcohol is a major role here which I try to avoid a little.
  4. tattleen7

    tattleen7 Guest

    I Am replacing PMO By Certain Things
    -I Am Learning Piano (it's super fun)
    -I Have Made A Commitment from 1st December to work out 5 days a week and i am on it so far!
    -I Have Started Eating Nuts/Fruits Whenever i feel like eating junk and i have not eaten any junk so far this month only home made food (Limiting Junk to 1 time a month)
    -Saying Yes to social invitations
    -I Read A Book Daily (Completed a month streak today,enjoying it-The Outsiders)

    Just Being Strong Cause I Know If I Keep On Going I Can Give This Addiction.

    Good Luck!
  5. Max L.

    Max L. Guest

    Hello I'm glad for you that you quit alcohol and that you care for your health. To meet women in place not involving alcohol, you can think about hobbies. What do you like (nature, pets, chess, cards, role-playing, arts, etc.). and maybe you could find associations or org to meet new people sharing some of your interests. Also, I don't know if you like AA but they organized a lot of events. Hope you find a way. Best regards. Max
  6. Yarramalli

    Yarramalli Fapstronaut

    Keep yourself busy.

    Put your passion to a bigger cause. Be passionate about creating something or making something.

    Be busy in spreading knowledge, and spreading Dharma. Day and night think of how you can reach out to people, and do some good work in life. Or write articles, write music; songs.
    When you are so busy then you will find that obsessions do not bother you.

    Especially the youth must keep themselves utterly busy. From morning when you wake up till night if you keep yourself very busy, none of this will bother you.

    That is how you should be; at the age of 20 to 25, you should be so busy. From six in the morning to one or two at night, you should be on the run.

    So, keep yourself very busy, especially in the age when the hormones play havoc. You will find that you can easily sail over all those obsessions, lust and everything.

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