What are our sexualities for?

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    You've put this very fell, I'd agree that this is what I feel about sex, too, it's something very intimate and you should share it with a special person. And that's the bad thing about porn and masturbation that it sends the message that sex is disconnected from love.
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    I can honestly say that the first time I had sex was very underwhelming due to my PMO usage, it was quite embarrassing actually. Anyone considering having sex for the first time and who is battling with this addiction, I would strongly recommend a full 90 day reboot first.
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    The sex impulse is a part of our natural make up. Like you said it is there primarily for progeny and the continuation of our race. However, On another level sexual energy (the male and female seed) is bio electric in nature and is in it's essence the building blocks of life.
    It definitely points to a deeper realisations about our mechanics and how we work. Sex and spirituality in no way contradict each other. It is only really when sexuality becomes a compulsive process that your life is skewed. When you were little, you didn't care what sexual organs you or someone else had, and the same will be true of you when you become old. The play of hormones dies out.

    I've realised that to get your body into a state of vibrancy you need to learn to control your lust and things will start to change. You'll be a dynamo of energy, you'll start waking up, and realising that now is the only time we have, so it is the only time to be happy, stop waiting for some time in the future. It is here and now. Happiness is always here the only question is, are we in tune with it?
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    Yes, sexual desires naturally occur within us as an evolutionary strategy for procreation of the species. This is a fact. However, there is also something to be said about "masculine" and "feminine" energy as well.

    Both polarities exist within us, however, males tend to veer towards the "masculine" polarity, and females tend to veer towards the "feminine" polarity, according to the natural laws of the universe.

    There is plenty of information out there on how these polarities co-exist (Mark Queppet actually has a few videos that explain this very well on Youtube), but long story short, masculine energy is basically the natural desire to "give your gift to the world", and feminine energy is the natural desire to "receive life's gifts, or to surrender to life". This not only applies in the bedroom, but to many other aspects of life as well (however, you can begin to see how this plays out in an extreme sense when it comes to porn).

    Again, both males and females have aspects of both polarities within them, but in a sexual sense, someone emoting masculine energy will naturally be more attracted to their polar feminine opposite (and vice-versa), and who that is depends on your sexual orientation.

    I am by no means an expert on this - I'm just beginning to learn about masculine and feminine energy myself...this is just the tip of the iceberg. So my suggestion would be to look into this for yourself, and not just believe what I'm saying.
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    what do you mean?
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    Thank you Sursum Corda. I aM struggling to understand what you posted but I try and see it is very deep
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    My answer to that would be bonding and social cohesion. It's bonds us to out mates/tribe/community. Physically, we're a pretty weak-ass species but we have numbers on our side. We survive well together, alone not so much so we bond with others to help hold our communities together.
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    Yeah, I think we could but you gotta remember that human infant are born 'premature' compared to other species. Damn, that big brain and small pelvis!! It takes years for babies to be able to survive on their own. So, sexual bonding probably evolved to hold the parents tightly together so they could both care for it until the youngster was independent enough.

    Or Aliens.

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