What are some of your triggers?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Aarius, May 9, 2017.

  1. geheim

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    What are your environmental triggers - "internet" xD

    Many of the things you listed are not in "environmental/non-sexual triggers" that OP asked for though. Personally I don't really appreciate it when people make you think about those triggering images and idealizations without warning in this forum. I might just be particularly sensitive to this.
  2. Infrasapiens

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  3. Der Drachenkönig

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    Some of my triggers would be:
    - High levels of depression or anxiety
    - Being for too long in my room more than i need to
    - Turning on the computer in my room when no one's home (This will be solved soon as i'm about to move to a new house in which i will NOT have a computer in my room, which will be used only to sleep)
    - Getting frustrated because my social skills aren't the same as everybody else's, though this does not happen anymore as i've worked quite a lot on it.
    - Getting an interest in women who i know i have absolutely no chance with, and by that i mean women who are either taken or married for some time, which in turn was coupled with the foolish and pointless search for the ideal woman. This used to happen a lot to me, and even though i overcame it i won't let my guard down.
  4. CodeTalker

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    Depression, anxiety, loneliness and sometime joy. Basically all emotions.
    Also boredom, a lot.
  5. Cosmo1971

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    Ive been having sexual dreams, i wake up so horny. Its really bad i have to get out of bed immediatly and start my day or ill end up doing somthing ill regret. But first thing in the morning is tough.
  6. My triggers are:
    Stress, when I have to many things to do at work. When I get overwhelm at work, it is a way to avoid the responsibilities.
    Seeing someone attractive, makes me thing of sex right away and I start fantasizing in my head and get turn on.
    Definitely I have to avoid the phone before bed and when I wake up, those moments are critical to me, it is the easiest way to masturbate
  7. angelpart

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    Depression. The feeling that my life is pointless and that it doesn't get better.
  8. i_have_pizza

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    I'm trigered by man, weman, animals, but if think about not living things, then - when close touching skin, some aromas. I can never predict what will be interprated as trigger by my brain. It's usually causes chain of associations that brings pornographic pictures. Do you know this cylinders, that blocks ways for cars on the street? I have seen porn with it, so, it may be the triggers. Never know.

    I'm just ingoring and stops my thoughts.
  9. CodeTalker

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    Dude what ?
  10. 7evenreasons

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    My triggers are using the phone after 9 pm and loneliness with my phone. I also wake up at 3 am to train, but sometimes I don't feel like ignoring so I watch porn and go in my phone.

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