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What are the actual benefits of nofap? A few thoughts.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by path_finder, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    Science says that constantly watching many Hours of porn while fapping might not be good for the function of the brain and cognitive functioning. Watching many porn movies distracts clarity of thought and concentration, but I think that's a Problem with Smartphones, Computers, and TV and Internet anyways nowadays. I think porn fapping is a Kind of anti-Meditation and we really don't Need that. Also it might take time you could use to study or Sleep, or do Sports (all activities that are good for the brain and thinking capacity).

    Socially, watching porn and fapping is something People don't usually talk About, and no one Looks up to, but many do it secretly. Nevertheless, I encountered a Situation once where a porn Image was slipped into my messenger (the automatic changing from letters to animated gifs) and I think it made a Girl I like think "I don't wanna hang out with that guy". It probably shocked her. Also, once I was at the dorm or Living at a flat share, I got neighbours… if they knock at my door and I cannot or do not want to open and join them in the community room, why? Cause I fapped. It is like I am getting another Person full of Obsession, compulsion, Aggression, I get possessive, that is not really my true inner self, and by the way: not being true to my SOCIAL life and we humans are social beings in the first place. you can't be here, if you are simultaneously there (in the porn Fantasy world).

    Religiously speaking, fapping is not really part of many religions. Tantra is another Topic, but most say: better to resist. Porn cannot be of interest in any University study, Religion or spiritual class.

    My list of Benefits of resisting the PMO might include therefore:
    -) more energy
    -) more time for cognition enhancing activities: Sports, study, sleeping - less time for cognition decreasing activities like fapping to porn
    -) better Motivation (reward circuit of the brain getting more Long term thinking)
    -) better concentration
    -) better possibilities and foundation for any social interaction or social activity. Especially on the Internet, or in a dorm with Friends that do not masturbate or fuck.
    -) less Aggression, Obsession, Possession, compulsion
    -) Chance of becoming more relaxed in everyday life and more sociable with no fear of anyone finding it out, no one gets shocked if they hear your fap fap fap
    -) if you are interested in Religion or veganism, Endurance Sports or martial arts, not fapping will make it easier for you to find your path there and be happier.
    -) better, more early Sleep.
    -) will power

    Do you have further Benefits that I forgot?

    Benefits of fapping to porn on the contrary:
    -) Keep your reproductive System fit
    -) enhances immune system
    -) Entertainment and excitement by seeing exotic places and nakes People fuck
    -) gives you lust
    -) feels great
    -) I love to cum
    -) Basically wanna do it - now, but I resist in the hope of Long term Benefits of not fapping to porn...
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  2. control your life

    control your life Distinguished Fapstronaut

    why no pmo ?

    1- To increase magnetism and energy in the body !
    2 - To use your time for developing your body and spirit!
    3 - To allow pure thoughts ,pure feelings and pure actions!
    4 - To accomplish one of your many tasks!
    5 - To avoid depression ,illness and indispositions !
    6 - Kundalini - to move your free sexual energy to the brain !
    7 - To resolve better personal health problems !
    8 - To increase my will and to control my mind over my body and instincts!
    9 - Its unmoral thing to do !
    10-It gets comunication low or no comunication at all !
    11-It degrades womens and makes them objects rather than emotional human beings !
    12-I dont have inspiration and energy to do my everyday tasks and duties !
    13-I cant get enough happiness from little things in life !
    14-Prostate and kidney problems !
    15-The ugliest , selfish act known !
    16-If you pmo you will get many little pleasures and one big dissapointment ,but if you dont pmo ,you will get many small fights ,but one big win overall !
    17-Your filthy thoughts are the reason for your stink ! If you want your body to smell nice ,then change your thoughts to better !
    18-pmo is a pain pill ! Learn to deal with struggles in life in healthy and good manner!
    19-I dont want to die fapper !
    20-Embark on this journey of self-introspection,even time is waiting for you to find your purpose !
    21-Increasing confidence in abilities and influence !
    22 Is a Universal law - every temptation failure makes your will weaker , and every temptation win makes your will stronger !
  3. path_finder

    path_finder Fapstronaut

    I dont know If smell, prostate and kidney have to do with IT but i could relate to many of your Bullet Points from your list. Especially the poetic ones. For example: "To accomplish one of your many tasks!" So thanks. Many good Points.

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