What are the Characteristics of ALPHA MALE ?

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  1. Mr.Tony

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    What are the Characteristics of ALPHA MALE ?

    1/ Goal oriented! - GOALS!
    2/ Self Improvement
    3/ Body Improvement
    4/ Confidence Improvement
    5/ Hardworker

    What are other treats...?
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  2. Pentatonic

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    Your first criteria is one I vehemently disagree with. Is it really "alpha" to bed a bunch of women?

    The rest make sense, though.
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  3. Mr.Tony

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    Sorry, My mistake - What I meant is that a strong man needs to focus on hia Goals instead of girls.
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  4. The characteristics of the alpha male are whatever that one pick up guru tells you it is. And you can only attain those characteristics if you shill a four digit figure of money to have unfettered access to his seven step program.
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  5. leading with out judgment finding a way to get things without friction never stop moving forward and learning from your mistakes .
  6. NothingMoreNothingLess

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    Some people might not think alpha and beta males exist, but I think they do but are not as polarized as the textbook definitions. I don’t think point 3 really makes you an alpha male or not. You can have a fat or skinny man be a good leader who is selfless, is confident with their decisions, and respects the ones he works or lives with. If you have to call yourself an alpha male, that automatically makes you a non-alpha. Same with those who try to act too tough as if their masculinity will be affected. Being an alpha is something that comes naturally for many, but not every man can be an alpha.
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  7. Kieran2121

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    For me Alpha would be someone:
    1.) Who doesn't know he's Alpha
    2.) Somebody who is assertive, meaning not aggressive nor submissive
    3.) Somebody who is honourable - he would be able to shoot into his own tribe if his value system demands it. Nothing like - no he's my brother I can not do that
    4.) Somebody who has self-love and self-respect
    5.) Somebody who has compassion for other people and respect for individuality
    6.) Somebody who's able to stand for what is right
    7.) Somebody who is able to be his own source to himself
    8.) Somebody who is not afraid to show feelings
    9.) Somebody who is not manipulated by people into doing something or by girls into playing the "sex game"
    10.) Somebody who doesn't do porn and masturbation and also is not addicted to sex. :)

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