What are the signs of flatlining?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by AMP89, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. AMP89

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    What are some of the general signs of a flatline? Has anyone experienced them personally or any different/specific to them?
  2. FlatlineFred

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    I am totally new but here is what my flatline looks like.

    No feeling in D - feels "dead" / refuses to get larger.

    Usual, real life suspects (mini skirts / cleavage / long bare legs / bouncing boobs on waking running women / visible nipple point through clothes / sexy lips & hair / traditional "your type" beautiful women - Do nothing for your D.

    Sex on offer, even from a beautiful sexy woman - doesn't get D hard. Lying close to and holding a naked woman (that would normally get you as hard as a diamond) does nothing. D = limp / dead / not ready to party.

    General worry / depression that D is "dead".

    Lack of erotic thought during the day.

    Erotic thoughts i do have seem to be "resuscitation work" efforts to try to get D erect. (But very often doesn't work)

    Here is my cycle:

    Erotic thought or real world sight
    Physical feeling that groin has "gone fishing"
    Worry thoughts

    Rince and repeat

    D only works with ED pill and big mental effort (back to porn memories) + hot GF!

    Delayed ejaculation
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  3. YngwieWanksteen

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    That made me laugh!
  4. I believe what I'm currently experiencing is a flatline. Nothing could get me aroused right now, and as the TV plays in the background, even the sight of innocent things like people kissing in those sappy "He went to Jared's" commercials is making me disgusted. This is what I've wanted for the longest time, and now that I'm actually feeling it, I don't want it. Sometimes I wish I were a Vulcan.
  5. YngwieWanksteen

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    I hear you, it's like purgatory. There's no closure. It makes me totally unsure of what's to come.
  6. saneagain

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    I thought I was the only one now disgusted by sex in TV, on internet , posters . When I think of porn I have a feeling of wanting to puke / feel nauseous. It's like a massive hangover from alcohol. Even my hands are shaking.

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