What are the signs of recovery?

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    Hi everyone!
    I’ve done a lot of reading, watching videos, and reading many people’s advice/stories on NoFap and curing PIED. One thing I’m still not 100% sure on is when do you start to feel cured (obviously this will vary between people but is there a common point when people start to feel cured?) and also what are the signs of recovery?
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    For most people reaching 90 days mark is enough to be fully recovered, but I recommend you to stay without any sexual activity at least for 120 days.
    - No more erectile dysfuncion,
    - Sharp mind again,
    - You will notice back of self-confidence,
    - You will start to enjoy little things again,
    - There will be literally no need to use porn again for you.
    It's also hard to explain, you will just feel that you're normal again.
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    Thanks for the advice bro!
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    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but avoid subscribing to the 90-120 day rule for recovery. Recovery is very much dependant on the length of time you have been addicted to PMO. Quicker reboots tend to belong to those who have spent less time PMO'in, or follow strict reboot guidelines.

    So the answer is, there isn't really a common point. Your PMO history, your age and your lifestyle are just some of the things that come into play when considering how long a reboot will take.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help bro!
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    My experience is that recovery is a journey, and every day will give you new experiences.
    My biggest streaks were 35 days "hard mode" , and for example, the following might happen:
    • 1 day - you just started and feel great
    • 3 days - you feel how a new strength is powering you
    • 7 days - you become settled and used to the new feeling
    • ~ around 2-3 weeks: here you might experience a "flatline", things might become dull to you
    • ~ 4 weeks: flatline goes away, new strength coming back
    • 35 days: Very very strong urges - that's where I always collapsed.

    When you suffer from PIED, then it is important that you become open for a true romantic relationship. When you have only lose sex affairs, then you are too stressed and you will have no erection.
    At age 47, I thought I'm impotent, because I was single and had a lot of sex affairs and at some point, I was not able to become erected anymore. I was always stressed to be "performant" and I was afraid of not being able to perform. Exactly this fear made me impotent.

    Then I met a great woman and I started a relationship with her. Immediatedly, everything was recovered, and I'm now strong as never before.
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    Thank you for the advice man!
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    I really like this answer. There are sooooo many variables involved, and let's be honest - some people are going to have a lot easier time than others. Why? Well...there is the "try" factor. I've been on the planet over 50 years, and I've observed PEOPLE in various situations for a long time. My job involves instructing people and evaluating their progress and such. I've seen/heard too many times, "Aaaah..I did the best I could" when that was not at all close to the truth. I don't know how many times I've coached a client/student and right after they admit to me they haven't been practicing their skills that we've worked on ("I don't have time!" or "I'm very busy!"), they then state, "I don't understand why I'm not getting this! I'm trying as hard as I can!" Uuuuh..no. You haven't tried. Not at all. And that's why THIS isn't working.

    I'm NOT saying people here don't try. BUT, I guarantee there are people in here that fall and don't get back up all because they don't try. That's a microcosm of life in general. You are constantly surrounded by people why try, and people who do not. This happens to be one of the variables that we tend to not talk much about. Sadly, it's probably more common than we admit. You HAVE to be true to yourself, because in the end, this is all for YOU. This isn't about a bunch of people on an internet site, or the buddies at work, or for someone you haven't met yet, or some unseen deity....this is FOR YOU. YOU should be the one that ultimately crushes your addictions (or lock them away) for YOU. If you don't try your damnedest, this doesn't work. THAT'S a fact.

    But that is just ONE of the different variables. BUT..it is one of the ONLY ones YOU can control. If you give the fight your absolute best, your chances of success sky-rocket. Effort can in many ways overcome other variables (age, length of addiction, etc) IMO. HONEST effort.

    When the above poster said "or follow strict reboot guidelines", I believe he was also saying "You do your absolute best". I use my nicotine addiction (I've talked about that here) as a motivator in my battles. I defeated my nicotine addiction COMPLETELY by following strict guidelines/TRYING THE ABSOLUTE BEST I COULD. And that was in 2007. How did I come out successful? I tried the BEST I COULD. Everything else fell into place.

    Remember..sometimes STRONG AND HONEST EFFORT will supersede almost any damage. Strong and focused effort is key. That's what I bet on.

    There's no number related to honest effort. All my opinion of course . . .
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    Thank you for the advice! I’ve removed out my social media, video games, films and tv, and I’m also planning on cutting out YouTube as well in order to crush this addiction and cure my PIED. This will hopefully massively reduce the chances of me seeing any triggers and I can reboot successfully and potentially faster as well!

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