What are you going to do with the benefits of NoFap?

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    9 clean days! Hi everyone! I'm still on the reboot path; learning, researching, knowing myself and, above all, making decisions that are in favor of my recovery.
    Yesterday they told me a few words that changed my whole approach to NoFap, and I would like to share them with you:

    “After 90 days without PMO they won't call you at home, telling you that you just earned the living you wanted. During the 90 days without PMO you have to CREATE and desire the life you really want to live; NOT AFTER. "

    These words made me experience opposite emotions. On the one hand, I felt the hope, the faith and the joy that I can have the life that I want, but, on the other hand, I felt the anxiety and fear of the price that I have to pay for taking responsibility for that life.
    We each want to have a better life, but we cannot grasp something new while holding onto the old.

    I think these words define our reboot path. NoFap does not fix your life, but it does give you the tools to make the best decisions to have the life you want. We have all read the benefits of those who have overcome this challenge; but the big question I ask myself is:
    With all the benefits that NoFap brings, what life do I want for myself? What do I want to do with so much confidence in myself, with so much energy, with more concentration and mental acuity?

    These are questions that may seem simple; But I don't think anyone has done well by taking things for granted.

    let's go for day 10 clean!

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