What are you saving your money for?

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  1. I have a decent amount for a college student. I have saved cash (no banks) and money I can spend (cash and banks). I used to money to spend on stuff I need to live along at bars and whatnot. But for my saved cash, I'm saving up for 1 of 2 things: a motorcycle or recording equipment. I just don't know which one. I think I'm getting recording stuff first and then a chopper.

    What about you?
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    life in general. Food, clothing, a car, somewhere to live, and occasionally something fun
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  3. Lol you just named all the possible things to spend money on
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  4. Im a college student and im saving up for University.
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    How much do you got saved?
  6. Get the recording equipment. I like motorcycles, too, but don't own one because I do not want to die before hitting 30. Everyone I know who regularly rides on public roads has been in a somewhat serious accident before, one of them a VERY serious accident (coma), and 2 motorcycle deaths of people I've met. Not to mention various accidents I've seen. So I ride but only with friends on non-public roads. A friend of mine races motorcycles but wears protective gear and only on a closed track, which I consider to be a lot safer than on public roads.

    I'm saving no money right now but eventually would like to just feel on top of things financially with a cushy emergency fund. I'd also like to be able to have enough money to give some away.
  7. Around 1800
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  9. SolitaryScribe

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    Why mot invest it into stocks or something. Keep saving until you have enough for a nice motorcycle
  10. I need to finish up paying off my student loans and then I'll start saving up for my own airplane. I'd like to get a Skylane 182RG or Beechcraft Baron, hopefully before I turn 28
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  11. Idk know how and I've tried to learn, I'm not that interested in it. Ideally the recording equipment would be an investment, but can't be looked that way.

    My friends have offered to let me in with them to sell weed and cocaine. Like throw in money to purchase in bulk and sell it to people. I would be drowning in cash rn if I did but decided against it. There's virtually no risk in my area and a guaranteed market, but I just haven't done it yet.

    But again for now I'm just working part time slowly stacking up. I've considered betting websites. Like for sports games and stuff. I've made some money at bars playing pool but there's alot of people better than me. It's a struggle man lol
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    I use it to buy food and public transport.
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    wow dude.
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    Buying and selling stocks online can be a good moneymaker if you are careful and have sensible expectations. I did it for a while in university and sometimes made a 40% profit on my sale. Some banks offer free trading accounts.
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    Yeah i love stocks. If anyone is interested, i would reccomend putting some money in shopify(SHOP), it's killing it right now. I'm making 80% profit on it right now
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    I don't know why I save my money. I am an only child and I don't have much family and I am lonely so maybe I save and invest because I know I will be screwed once they pass on.
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    I'm with you there bro
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  18. I think the recording equipment is an investment while the chopper would be a fun thing. Both are fun things but one is ideally an investment. I think I got my answer

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